What 5 albums define your choice in music?

Fri, Feb 14, 2014 at 9:52 PM

If you had to sit down and explain to someone what music you love and why, what 5 albums would you choose and what reason would you give for each album?

albums 5 define your choice in music?

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    Sun, Mar 23, 2014 at 1:09 AM

    1.Black sabbath-Symptom Of The Universe: The Original Black Sabbath : Pretty much there GH tracks due to obvs i was not even born during the run in the 70's But what can i say about black sabbath there pretty much legends Obvs i got into this band due to my dad them and Led zepplin were 2 of my dads fav bands growing up so it was a givin when i first heard these two bands it was a life changing event i heard these two bands after i got into NU metal KORN,deadsy,Deftones etc etc well soon after and lets just say it was like a seed listening to black sabbath i was like okay this is """rock""" music and sabbath was like a starting point for me it grew from sabbath to hey there is stoner and slude rock and metal and doom and Southern bands and bands from New orleans esp "DOWN" and "Pantera" since i live in texas i felt it was pretty close to Nola so it went hand and hand and QOTSA and White stripes it all started with Black Sabbath that band pretty much turned me onto ROck music and MEtal music ...Heavy Music ..also the facanation with weed and Smoke and Crosses LOL

    2. KORN-Follow The Leader...What can i say obvs one of my favoirte bands i own all there albums i chose dis cus i was kinda young and missed there s/t LIP era and this was the first korn album i got but i soon worked my way back ..i think the reason i like korn is prob the same has most other people JD is a great frotman the DUAL attack of Munky and head and the Insane rhytham section of Fieldy and david esp fieldy who would slap click and snap the hell out of his bass ..also i liked the fact that korn would change there music from album to album song to song heck each song had its own little flavor ...KORN LIfer !

    3. King Geedorah-Take me to your leader .....yeah on of Hip Hops finest albums iDK when i got dis was deff on of my early Gateway Hip hop albums i got i dont even consider dis HIP hop it brought out so many different feelings for me the sound is like old 80's Cartoon Rap mixed with JApan anime old godzilla movies nerds FIghter jets fast cars crusin down a tokyo highway so many feelings and sounds i liked about dis album LOL every track is AAA

    4. The Prodigy-THe fat of the LAND-This was acctually the first CD i bought and owned with my own money KORN -FTL was the 2nd i always Said Prodigy was the band that got me into korn cuz i felt the similtarty of there Bass sound and dark feel kinda went hand to hand to what korn was doing at the time with FTL... also with the sprinkles of Hip hop feel who knew years later KORN would drop TPOT it was like full circle for me when that happend LOL..... obvs later on Prodigy was the seed that got mew into Rap and Hip hop along with my sister ...that was the first music i heard before prodigy Snoop doog and West coast Hip hop and rnb hehehe but back to prodigy what can i say electronica Metal !!!!!! front to back just killa song after killa song esp Disel power i like that song ....also i remember the contrversy back then MTV would even play there single Smack my bitch up i remember satying up late just to see that video on VH1 or somethin LOL

    5. Slipknot-IOWA- Man dis band came out fast like a wirlwind SPewing Hate loud angry noise and FUCK U's to the world LOL not only that but the SHock appeal of 9 guys on stage with jumpsuits and masks ozing blood sweat and tears and fire alla setting themselfs on fire obvs it got my attention LOL not only that but have two druumers up front with Rising drum kits i never seen dat before man what can i say about SLipknot the started of heavy n vugalr then Rick got a hold of them and they kind went into lets just wrtie good songs mode LOL

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    Sat, Apr 12, 2014 at 10:27 AM

    5) Bruce Springsteen: Born In The USA; the first album I ever memorized from start to finish! Listened to it before and after my first couple seasons in minor hockey.
    4) Bon Jovi: New Jersey; and I will take all your laughing as a compliment! But it was loud and it was fun because everyone was dancing, shaking & f*'king to it!
    3) Guns & Roses: Appetite for Destruction; pure, raw aggression from the first to last note! Will never, never forgive Axel for destroying them!!!
    2) Led Zeppelin: Signs; the absolute best album musically from this amazing band that I didn't listen to until I married. I found this is their finest work in a catalogue of truly amazing stuff!
    1) KoRn: Untouchables!; this album is a complete assault on the senses! The guitars are the best that Munky and Head ever did! Their are ebbs and flows to the rhythms and drums and Fieldy's bass is spot on.
    But the albums true genius is in the lyrics of Jonathan Davis! His assault is relentless on every song, including my all time favourite, One More Time!
    Honourable mentions: Metallica; Master of Puppets, Megadeth; Countdown To Extinction, The Offspring; Conspiracy Of One, Pearl Jam Vs., & KoRn; The Paradigm Shift (moving self-titled to number 3 on my KoRn list!)

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    Mon, Apr 14, 2014 at 3:37 AM

    Nice list! I heard 'One More Time' in cafe (of all places) today, and it is a solid gold Korn track.