Oh. My. God.

Thu, Dec 8, 2011 at 5:08 PM

Not KoRn related but Tallica released this song during this weeks 30th anniversary shows this week and are playing 4 new songs that never made Death Magnetic and they released something I have been bitching for 3 years! They sent the mp3 of the studio version to clubberz and played it live. iTunes or something as Jaymz said next week.

For me this is huge as making of it parts were on the making vids and the song never made the album and IMO would have been one of the best songs. The breakdown middle is sick IMO.

Dunno how to embed vids but here is the studio version on the Tube.


Part of the making.

Metallica Fanboyism has been re-injected. LMFAO.

"All reflections look the same
In the shine of the midnight revolver"

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