The Last Supper

Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 6:47 AM

National Geographic society found J Ceasar autopsy and found considerable evidence about a stabbing of J ceasar that he was stabbed from multiple directions in accordance of different degrees of attack.. Now on reacord we have only one man did it.Hmmmm Well un-chelaunghtly he got it for stateing bs when asked "have you seen the creature of this discription" AKA the great hooded cockroacho pazzuzu or the descriptive story of Rumplestiltskins. or the crimson red creature on the roof of the Sistine Chaple. A god like creature at the tree of geismer. Stated in the Necronomicon the larve are huge. Reason for exorcisims. The reason for the big JUDGEMENT. When adjitated its hood rises to the occasion look to the pazzuzu statue. Well it concludes to the CODE.... Romans 1-28 Ceasar was accepting gifts of jewels in representation of the baggie in the table pic othe annunki bug trade off.It was his pet cause it sounded like he did due to the voice synth and recorder that it carries on its face in which it amplifies its wisper "the creature ". Like the little door on the wall it was checking out the hunting party at the table the Ultea Violet Army that concludes to the two same acts at the same time acts of Judas, Judas the bug and judas the rat to rat and draw out the creature behind the wall. Gladly it got a stick in the eye. Described as the Demon in the book published by national geographic. found in some interesting writings they found for real.It was a setup that went bad. The loss of two ladies one in olive oil from the olive tree in a vat of boiling olive oil and the other in a vat of boiling peanut oil from the flowers in bloom to the dirt below the flowers that were walked apon. Mr twiggy was the one who gave the order after one of the three wise asses of Orie and R of Dialect got a stick in the eye behind the wall that was facing the last supper table. Mind Souls Memory. Let us all say thank you to mr twiggy for scr*wing over man kind. Anyone wanna discuss? Message me.

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