Spiro Crown of the Korn child of Jinn

Sun, Oct 2, 2011 at 11:15 AM

Hollow lifes all but just a splice. Mirrors of a matter of returning back home falling through time and space growing a crown of horns.Such an insult of thorns.Mocking at the cavlery cross. Billions of yrs of evolution grew them all around. Spidder is the name but not quite the same as an eight legged freak but 12inch growth of eight made the Spiro crown of the Owl and freinds.Kings of the Jews.Bloodline of rex deus. Marduk. All the names of past risings of an ancient bloodline. The esence of vincient scent carried throught the ages of a pear sized pearl from the natron sea back home on the other side of the stars.The acid test. Craddled in hand one book a crystal skull of a ancient shammans table.Out the back of the Hollow life craft.

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