Narcissistic Cannibal surviving Korn Hollow life.

Fri, Oct 14, 2011 at 10:28 AM

Through the doors of time Korn Hollow life rhyme. Falling through space and time. Narcissistic Cannibale rage to survive the next stage the fight for survival and mortal combat engage. Battle of who was the stronger line. Hydrogen depletion nothing would grow. Candy trails lead to they dont know. Cannibalistic survival billions of years into the the mirror of of time in a falling grave of a survival matter. One by one the skulls were placed on a shelf in great sorrow what it took to survive. God watching down self made to be very shallow. Narcissistic survival of importance and the tears that follow. Resurrected by Spidder and machines. Slept so long without. Never fell asleep. Too much work to do. Piles of paper flowers in a room for every light year he stayed awake. The evanescence of her awakening. Then the craft door opened and the door broke off how the ship shook. 4 machines willing and able retrieved the door in the high atmosphere Temple of Abbydos amigos.

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