Resurrection of a Golden Owl Sun

Sun, Nov 27, 2011 at 10:59 AM

Core fractures of a diamond soul internal reverberation creates the Ultra Violet ancient role. With in the echos of goliath internally hear the cracking of a layered ball when heating then it starts pumping. Hydrogen cycling. Never resurrect a sun from the ground noise cancellation updraft deadins its echo soul. Why a gyro scope sits so. Hang it in the sky and ring it before it die and bring a sun core soul to the earth below.Then add the equal space cooling balancing of dark snow.Compressor cooling. Feel the sons power. Mysteries of the unknown. Piezo Gravity. David and goliath for goliath was gravity with one vision to keep David down till he rung his bell and the noise of when it fell and the rise of a king that made well........Masters of the Universe.The Jackal and the Jauganaught. 2 of many. The sons of the suns of the internal suns that power them. Mathew1-28.
Like spirits passing through the doors of time with a invitation heard before we find. Chiseled walls and the face left behind of a story of well, interesting issue of National Geographic.

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