My Holly Grail of Time.

Thu, Dec 1, 2011 at 12:46 PM

Sunshine.UP we go then DOWN again sometimes we r STRANGE but with in BEAUTY their is TRUTH Quarks! Core ring resonance particle accelerator ceramic mist vapor temperary cooling . surface iron carbon induction like the surface of the sun it circulates back in . Surface hydrogen dancing to the next level of O3.gotta love a but in. to start. Does it circulate. Might dance a full circle due to its depleation to the next level of helium.Oxygen induced.Stages of periodic stages of introduction Hypothesis with a conclusion. Will it work. Go ask nasa maybe they can fill in the math i dont got the money. Just one Blue band to the many stars in the sky, we shead the surface with carbons falling in a chaple painted clowds of carbon rains. Edges of twilight.Lost souls.And the rainbow fell from the roooof!!!!
Trace my Hand

D oes
I nterest
D iety Oranges of anguish the falling of the sky NUTS chicken little.
My bands missing....

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