Three Owls Discovery.

Wed, Dec 7, 2011 at 1:34 PM

we are come so far.
Piloting the Hollow life Satellite.
A rose and a farewell out the door to an x shaped halo into hell.
Story of Gabril.

Solo 1 machines followed. They dont need the pod express.
Sealed the Loving Heaven craft cargo door and made another in time.
O nly
W e
L ive

In heaven.
Ship still adrift with a golden sun.
Wez be Pirates we sail above the seas looking for trees to build more of Noahs arcs.
Shadow figure on the chapel roof boat.
Do not try to get on that boat if it ever port.
Last functioning command.Extinction code.Cant tell if u got bugs.
Viking boat kinda lookin 30 cubits in length.

Point of native origin Hydra Constellation line approach.
Temple of Abbydos A Dragons age in the sands of time. The lens shape found through time seen a blue halo and knew it was party over here. Planet missing and ice ages of rings unnatural to formation.
More to come.
ET put it deir.........

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