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  1. gia avatar gia

    Re: BIG KORN NEWS COMING! Say's Ross Robinson!!!

    Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 2:44 AM

    3!!! Sonisphere in France too!!! lets hope for whole tour!!! OMG so happy now!!!

  2. Re: BIG KORN NEWS COMING! Say's Ross Robinson!!!

    Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 2:46 AM

    Tour with Head and headline single dates (no festival!!!) would be KILLER! Can't make it to Ring or Park! :(

    And about David: Music, and KORN, is all about passion! He LOST his! Take a look at live recordings from '99 and the 2006. Looks like another person beating his drum kit ... JD + Munk + Reg + HEAD + Ray, that's what KORN hopefully will be from right now. I don't care about this Restaurant guy, sorry.

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    Re: BIG KORN NEWS COMING! Say's Ross Robinson!!!

    Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 4:46 PM

    Ok Fair enough! You are right I shouldn't have assumed, my bad, But I just feel Dave should get a chance to play at least a few shows with the guys!

    I understand that.


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  4. Re: BIG KORN NEWS COMING! Say's Ross Robinson!!!

    Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 5:10 PM

    You guys are being kinda rude. Drummers get zero credit, and it's sad that this band is no exception.

    gia wrote:
    but also on his personal fb page, he keeps saying same shittalk about bands families whenever he has a chance and is being asked of his relationships with korn
    I stalk his Facebook page frequently and he's been completely nice the entire time. =\

    I'm with HHIGuy128 I'm not sure why everyone has their panties in a bunch about David. EVERY band member has said jacked up things, and people are willing to overlook it ... which is great ... *except* for David. I think it's ridiculous to say "David doesn't deserve a second chance." The fans, and FAR MORE IMPORTANTLY *the band*, has given MANY of its members a second chance.
    JD - This is just an example, "Yeah I'm happy Head is off drugs and stuff. But blah blah Christianity is bad I don't respect blah blah blah"
    JD always having to assert his opinions everywhere, never just settling for being happy for the guy. Later on the same topic, he has just said "He's preaching a positive message, so that's great," and ending it there. Newsflash: JD is human. He decided he should stop messing with the details, and just be happy that Head's message he is preaching is positive, regardless of whether or not he 100% agrees with it.
    The fan community seemed to give him a second chance on this and many other similar things, electing to forget about these opinionated comments he gives. Very good.
    He also used to be an alcoholic, and it's common knowledge that he was a douche sometimes because of that ... crazy right? Then he got off alcohol. Now he's nice. Whoa, second chances much? Good.
    Fieldy - Huge, stubborn douche for several years. That's well known.
    Converted to Christianity and became a really nice guy. Now we all love him. Pretty simple stuff, right? Once again, he's human.
    Munky - I swear this guy is as innocent as they come.
    Head - When he freaked out and quit the band, the band and the entire fan community was super pissed off ... especially after he made a ton of negative comments about Korn. Then he got his ducks in a row and became more rational about his huge life choice instead of emotional. Now he's keeping in touch with his friends in Korn, and making his own music. Suddenly everyone respects him again ... which is great!

    My point is, these guys are HUMAN. They do some rude things. They go through phases in life. They change. The "David doesn't deserve a second chance" idea is completely disrespectful, unfair, and rude. Everyone except Munky has been a douchebag in this band (and even he probably has his moments), but they move forward and get over it. To disown David for a few comments on the internet is entirely insensitive.

    Now then, THAT SAID ... If you are of the opinion "I don't want David back, because I think Ray is a better drummer," then that is a completely cool opinion. Or to say "I don't want David back, because i think Ray is a nicer person, so it helps band chemistry," that is also a legitimate opinion. (And pretty much a fact in that case)

    But to say that he doesn't deserve a second chance is hypocritical (due to other band members getting second chances) and very, very rude. Despite being a celebrity, he is still human. If, somehow, after reading all this, you still believe he doesn't deserve a second chance, I will make sure to pass it on that the next time you make an off-color comment about your friends you should be disowned by all your friends, forever.

  5. Re: BIG KORN NEWS COMING! Say's Ross Robinson!!!

    Sat, Dec 1, 2012 at 1:01 PM

    i want to know what the damn news is

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    Re: BIG KORN NEWS COMING! Say's Ross Robinson!!!

    Sat, Dec 1, 2012 at 2:03 PM

    LOL Shellz!

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