Why does Korn never put Any songs past '03 on GH albums?

Thu, Jul 28, 2011 at 11:57 AM

I've noticed that on every greatest hits album korn has ever put out, including Collected, Playlist: the very best of korn, and most recently the Essential Korn, no songs from SYOTOS, untitled, or now, K3, are included. I don't know why they would do that; to me it's like admitting self-defeat for the past three albums. They've had plenty of great hits on these past albums, like Twisted Transistor, Open Up, Throw Me Away, Evolution, Oildale, Pop A Pill... I mean, they at least owe it to themselves to put something from these albums on a greatest hits cd! It's almost like they agree that they weren't good after '03, which certainly isn't true. If you have to extend the album to a two or three disc set so be it, but at least give a little something from every era of korn greatness! I was really hoping the Essential Korn would have a song or two from SYOTOS, seeing as it was put out this year. The sticker on the cover actually said includes Twisted Transistor and it doesn't, so they made a mistake there. But all I see on every GH album is the same songs; their singles. Personally I think some of Korn's beter songs aren't ones they used as singles. I was glad to see Proud on the E.K., but I think they could have replaced All in the Family, Cameltosis, and Jingle Balls with more recent songs. On Playlist: the Very Best of Korn, they put Earache My Eye as the last track, for what reason? There are so many other songs to choose from. I wonder how much input the Krew have on selecting the tracklist for the GH albums.
So, what do you think? I want to hear your opinion. I just feel bad the GH albums seem to end Korn history at 2003.

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  1. Re: Why does Korn never put Any songs past '03 on GH albums?

    Wed, Aug 3, 2011 at 12:21 PM

    RemoveTheVirus wrote:
    To be honest, the only official compilation albums they've put out are Live & Rare, Greatest Hits Vol. 1 and Chopped, Screwed, Live & Unglued (which does have songs from SYOTOS on it)

    Everything else is a BS cash grab, I think the only good unofficial compilation they've got is "Proud! A Collection of Rarities" because when it came out, that was the only CD that had those b-sides on it AND the demo tape. Don't waste your money on ANYTHING else, and good luck actually finding P!ACoR
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