Korn's flaws

Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 1:46 PM

I thought this would make a good idea for a thread. Basically, list the complaints you have with specific songs, albums,music videos, or Korn in general.

I was just listening to the "Alone I Break". I like the song, but I think it would of been better if it was heavier. It would be better if, near the end of the song, there was a heavy breakdown. The song was too mellow, I sensed a lot of pent up rage in the song, and it never got through.

Also, the songwriting on most of "Take a Look in the Mirror" is uninspired. I would of liked it if there was more variety in the lyrics, not just Jon bellowing about how much he hates everybody.

Also, "Thoughtless". I like the song, but is it really worth Jon's time to complain about being bullied in high school? He was 31 when this song came out, don't you think that's too old to be complaining about it? The music video doesn't make sense either. Why is the kid being picked on? Why are the jocks beating him up for no reason?

Speaking of that, "Let the Guilt Go". That's the THIRD time Korn used the whole "unpopular kid vs the jocks" cliche in one of their music videos.

Finally, "Untitled". I love the album, but it would of been perfect if Munky and Fieldy got more time to shine. You couldn't hear Fieldy's bass, Munky never got a good chance to really do something cool. I would of liked it the bass and guitar were tuned up more, and that the synths didn't overpower them.

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  1. Sim avatar Sim

    Re: Korn's flaws

    Sun, Oct 23, 2011 at 10:48 PM

    I really don't find much flaws in them. Some albums I like more then others, some songs I like more then others and that's normal. Overall, I love everything they do.

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    Mon, Oct 24, 2011 at 6:00 PM

    KornOnTheKob wrote:
    I love Alone I Break. I hate it when people imply that every single song Korn makes has to be heavy. I can listen to that song and get my emotions out just as well as any mindless metal song. I also love Take a Look in the Mirror, but I know where you're coming from on that point.

    My biggest complaint about Korn is where they're heading. KIII was unfortunately overrated. I personally was not impressed with the songwriting on that album at all.. Except for maybe on Trapped Underneath the Stairs, and a little bit on The Past.

    Now they're doing a dubstep album.. I know that you're all going to say it's great that they're trying new genres and everything, but on the inside everyone's slowing getting nervous and thinking, "Where are they headed?" I mean, I will always love Korn, and I'll certainly get their new album when it comes out, but as far as dubstep goes.. Well I'd rather just listen to rock.
    ~C'est la vie

    i agree with korn on the cob here, she does have a good point, they should make 1 without it being so heavy

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    Mon, Oct 24, 2011 at 6:04 PM

    well i think that most people might not agree with the fact you cant understand some of the lyrics, but neither can i sometime. I have to go on the web and search them up to find out, but its the fact that he jon davis and the whole band sends a message in each of those hard to understand moments of the song, im trying to make some sense, but what im trying to say is that i like korn i dont think they have any flaws at all, tey work their asses off and it pays off, and that is what you call a run-on sentence lol,

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    Mon, Oct 24, 2011 at 6:07 PM

    Child of the KoRn wrote:
    sean106ESP wrote:
    Oh sorry for a second post as I LOL actually read the whole thread after posting.

    About JD's constant lyrics about being bullied or whatever. I have a friend who knows him and said he still is kinda messed up a little mentally even though he is off the sauce. I mean I dunno about you but owning the car Ted Bundy killed people with, and being married to an ex-porn star. Not saying the last thing is a bad thing....but IMO kinda weird. My friend said they did a LOT of fucked up shit back in the day. Obviously a tad of it....and I mean tad is in Fieldy's book. But the shit I heard was messed up.

    I think JD has a quite screwed up life. In fact, I think there is a lot more to him than we think, and there are still details to be revealed...I think he should make an autobiography...

    I mean, seriously, he was called "gay" in high school. I was bullied in middle school quite a bit. It was upsetting, but I wouldn't complain about like JD does. I would like to know, what really happened to JD when he was in school that made it so traumatizing?

    havent we all done something we regret, its things like that that teach us to learn from our mistakes, i think that yes he may be a little fucked up, but you cant judge until youve been in his shoes, although you may already know that, but good quote dued