Korn Takeover Octane

Tue, Dec 6, 2011 at 10:34 PM

In case you haven't heard...Korn are taking over Sirius XM Radio Octane this weekend starting at noon Eastern Standard Time! Thank you Tammie for this tidbit!

KoRn’s Weekend of Totality
Fri. 12/9 @ 12 pm ET - Mon. 12.12 @ 3 am ET
In celebration of KoRn’s brand new album, The Path Of Totality, out now, Octane plays KoRn’s music every hour all weekend! Tune in to hear a KoRn song, including new tracks, at the beginning of each hour, plus whatever heavy-hitting hard rock songs the guys feel like playing. Guitarist Munky also sits down with host Covino for a candid interview about KoRn’s musical legacy, sports, new album, the holidays and more.

Hear the interview Fri., 12/9 at 6 pm ET; rebroadcasts Sat., 12/10 at 9 pm ET and Sun., 12/11 at 3pm ET.

Octane Listen Live Link

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