Wed, Dec 21, 2011 at 10:39 PM

OKay, let's see who has the best story to tell...

I am going to share one of my most memorable opening acts at a Korn show and you all do the same! Let's Go!

I will share two:

(1) 1st Mariner Arena - Opening ACT THAT BLEW ME AWAY- MUDVAYNE!!!!What an amazing way to kick off a fucking Korn show and I would love to witness that again.

(2) Hammerstein Ballroom NyC (My home town)
NO OPENING ACT!!! JUST 4 + Hours of KORN To kick off the tour for the "See You on the Other Side Album" and this show was recorded for the DVD. I'm the Crazy girl with the neon green sign in the front of the pit lol
After this show, I was walking around the venue in the pouring rain and I saw some guys moving equipment. I was joined by 3 other fans and we just stood in the rain and eventually helped move the equipment into the truck. 30 minutes later Fieldy came outside and just stared at us til his ride came ... Munky came out and signed autgraphs on the way to his car ( i was lucky enough to catch Field y for an autograph on my wet neon sign) Then we watched as a black SUV pulled up and the driver waited outside with an umbrella. Five minutes later JOn came outside and signed autographs as the driver shielded him from the rain. I was shivering and handed him my wet soggy neon sign and all I heard was Jon yell out " its too wet!" so I asked for a hug and crossed over the barriers, he was walking towards his vehicle and signing autographs and I reached out for a hug with my black Korn Hood witht he horns in the back, soak and wet, freezing clammy hands and suddenly was pushed by a tall black guy (security).. Well thats my story lol

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