KoRn podcast special

Thu, Dec 29, 2011 at 7:58 AM

A couple months back i was thinkin about all the korn shows i had been to and was getting upset. Seen them 4 times, but 3 were festival appearances, which means you get a new song or two and a greatest hits package. Of course i was also upset with myself but they don't really come to my area much outside of the festival circuit. so to make myself feel better, i launched a new series on my show The Pit called Discover. The purpose is to go through an entire bands catalogue, select 20 or so songs, and talk about them. The kicker is, to try my damndest to avoid any song that got heavy radio/mtv play. so i figured i'd post it here, see what you guys think. it's been one of our most popular shows that we've done. and i think it's a kick ass korn mix.. this was done when Get Up! was all we had from Path Of Totality, and obviously i worked it in. i played through alot of shit on here. both album stuff and unreleased. so check it out if ya want. if not that's fine too. just figured i'd share something korn related that i have done with the fine people here at korn.com. after all they've given, it's the least i could do right?

The Pit - Discover: KoRn
and we're not gonna stop for the pigs or no one!

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    Thu, Dec 29, 2011 at 8:02 AM

    i'd like to add that if this is posted in the wrong area of the forum i apologize. i figured since it was korn related this would be a good spot. and i am in no way tryin to just advertise my show or anything, we do pretty well without me shamelessly plugging all over. i mean i'll plug it, but in a section that doesn't have to do with the band.
    and we're not gonna stop for the pigs or no one!