Met Korn!

Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 2:10 PM

I finally...after 14 years of being a huge fan..okay obsessed...met all the members of Korn.
I am still just giddy about the whole expierence I just have to share some highlights. ( I feel like I could write a book but don't have too much time...)

First I met Ray, shook his hand, talked to him while he autographed all the shit I had for him to sign. And then hugged him.

Then Munky came out and I could not take my eyes of him, he is even more gorgeous than I could have imagined when hes right infront of you- the closest I had ever been to him other than the front row of concerts. I shook his hand, mummbled about how good it was to meet him..and gave him the biggest hug, making sure to really feel his dreads in the process. He smelled so incredibly good. Then i just had to do it. I told him "I think you are sooo sexy!" He gave me a smile and said thank you.

Then Fieldy came out. I talked to him about his book and how much I enjoyed reading it. and we talked about that. Then we hugged. I went to put my arm around him the same time he went to put his arms around me so we switched postions akwardly, lol.

Meanwhile Ray walked back threw and I stopped him , gave him another hand shake and told him "I'm soo glad your in Korn" while I gave him an arm rub. He said, "thanks it's good to be here".

Lastly, Jonathan came out. I about lost it. What I said to him came out so fast but it was along the lines of "Jonathan, oh my god, Jonathan, your lyrics have really helped me thru some hard times,your lyrics mean the world to me." And he said "Thank you, I'm gald I'm able to help you honey." yes, he called me honey. More importantly I was so happy I was able to express to him what his lyrics have meant to me, and he acknolwledged what I said. And then I gave him a hug. Making sure to feel his dreads too. My friend and I then talked to him about his red camero, he told us how it was in the shop cuz the engine needing fixing. He was 2 or 3 people down the line and still talking to us about his car.

As if the night could not get any better, they all autographed all 3 things I had for them to sign and we stayed right against the barracade and we were front row for the concert. Directly infront of munky. We stayed in the front row the whole show and though I am still terribly bruised and sore 4 days later i enjoyed every second of it.

Being directly infront of Munky for the whole show we made plenty of eye contact and I nearly died when he did his guitar solo for another brick in the wall right infront of my face.

The night got better....somehow. Munky chugged a bottle of water, crumpled it a little and threw it to me!!! I caught it, dropped it. Security guy gave it to me because he saw me drop it. I drank the rest of his water and licked all the way around sure munky was looking. well, Munky got a kick out of that I figured because then he threw me his sweaty towel he had just dried of with. the guy next to caught part of the towel too and after a little tug of war i let go cuz at least I had munkys water bottle.

Still better Jonathan played downstairs doing his J devil show for a good hour. It was a total of 6 hours of korn filled mania.

Best day ever. I feel soo fufilled meeting, touching, and talking to all the guys in korn.
I am dying a happy girl!!!

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  1. Re: Met Korn!

    Mon, Sep 9, 2013 at 2:18 AM

    I am so jealous of you!

  2. Re: Met Korn!

    Thu, Sep 12, 2013 at 4:11 AM

    It's the story of my life I think. Met this band.
    And I don't know if one day I could do this, it's really sad

    but happy for you ! I imagine that you'll be so happy...!

    The only guy I've seen really close was Munky in 2000, after a concert, I exit from the backstage, I saw the tour bus of them, I walked to the bus, saw a guy.... It was Sonny from POD, I talked to him a little, and then I had to exit from the backstage... I saw Munky who did "Hi!" with his hand to me but he was longer, and I can not go to see him, and the rest of the band (right after I was Fieldy near to him), caus there was the security sayin' to me "no you can't go there!" :( :(

    I don't know if he remember that, but htis day Munky did a big thing to me... I think he don't remember, caus' it was like... 13 years ago, in a little town in France, but it would be cool if he remembers!!
    "Living a life that seems to be... A lost reality..."

  3. Re: Met Korn!

    Sat, Sep 21, 2013 at 6:35 PM

    cool story!!! I also met them in may and going back to meet them in 7 days :) I gave fieldy a bear hug and he said i scared him lol but he was joking around, Munky was def a jokster that day also told me to behave during the concert i said i would try to, and Head so sweet , JD very shy lol played with his hair alot., and Ray is a nice guy really nice!!

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