meet & greet passes-help!

Sat, Feb 18, 2012 at 2:33 PM

Weeks ago I purchased VIP meet and greet passes for the 2/25 concert in milwaukee.
The order said they are "will-call". what does that mean?
I have heard you get an email but the show is ONE WEEK away. I'm freaking out.
I've anxiously been waiting weeekkkkss for an email saying WHERE to meet and WHEN.

I've never meet korn before. after 14 years of obsession i'd like to get excited about meeting them but im hesitant because i've heard details.....

tell me i didn't get ripped off hundreds of dollars.....

I don't know what to expect...can you take pics with them? how long can you talk to them?the package includes an autographed set list and a download of the concert. do they sign the setlist infront of you or are they signed ahead of time? how and where do you download your concert?

any feedback would be great...only 7 days to go!

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  1. Re: meet & greet passes-help!

    Mon, Feb 27, 2012 at 1:37 PM

    coachamy4u wrote:
    Hi kornislife. I'm having the same issue on my end about when, where, what time, etc... for this friday.

    Did everything work out on your end for the VIP meet and greet? if so, what should i expect? and was it worth it. Thanks Amy

    Oh yes!!!! It was sooooo worth every penny. Ground cntrll emialed me at 8p the 2 days before the show.i was getting so nervous but they email you right before the show. They'll tell you where to met and when in the email. Thanks for everyone one here that assured me it would come, lol.

    One by one the guys came out, and one by one they shook my hand, autographed all the things I brought them to sign. I talked with each member and hugged each member. I'm going to start a new forum about sure to read.