Thank You for Belfast Korn

Sun, Apr 1, 2012 at 12:57 PM

I'm so amazed that you guys came to my town and fuck me you blew us away!
Mandela Hall ROCKED!
I had my Bass Face ON!!!

Best of times with the Kornitas and my Korn Bros.
GREAT concert and memories to last us until we can all hook up again ..
WHY does the world have to be so big?
Gonna miss being with all of my Homies Arm, Swan, Gia, Soph and J ..
Gonna miss Korn until we meet again

Safe journey home my Korn Fam xxx
And safe journeys to our beloved Korn and all of their Krew (((X)))

Thank You Guys
For all of the hard work and for all of the music.
Here's to the next 18 years

* And I gotta say a shout out of HUGE thanks to Jim!
Gia and I Love You Man xxx
Thanks for the water .. dude you are a LIFESAVER!

Like seriously Jim!
You are marriage material!!!

AND Seb man thanks for all of the amazing pics of the nite!
You are golden we love you (X)

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  1. gia avatar gia

    RE: Thank You for Belfast Korn

    Sun, Apr 1, 2012 at 5:51 PM

    totally, thoroughly support this post^^ It was one of the best shows I ever been to and I been to a lot, small and big, but never to small one like this which made it so special and intimate, and the fact that I been there with my beloved people made it even more special. thank you my beautiful people: Lucy, Dawn, Soph, Greg, J just for existing on this world and being there with me and of course Jim for the water and gummy bears haribo ;P and of course KoRn guys, thx to Munky for the pick, you fucking rule man, and to JD just for being who you are, love you lots