Korn in Canada

Fri, Aug 12, 2011 at 7:26 PM

Korn needs to come back to Western Canada, soon! Im really hoping they do!
Does anyone live in Canada? Western or otherwise? Korn has been to my city at least twice, but no more then six times (I believe, its around there at least.) Korn was here in March 2010, and in St. John (where they did the skate park video thing) in April or May (2011.) Im just REALLY hoping they come back at least once next year! Bands usually do USA tours and include a few Canadian cities, but somtimes we're forgotten... Example: Janes Addiction is coming to Western Canada in a few weeks, thisll be their first time here in my city! Same with Weezer! So if you found out Canadian tour dates, post them here (please) and if youd like to add somthing, please do! (Also I dont mean to make it sound like Im whining, and finding it unfair! I know theyre busy, as with other bands, but its just that so MANY bands do USA and Europe tours, but whens the last time a band did a strictly Canadian tour??? Bands do strictly USA, or strictly European or strictly South American tours, and we're left out.)

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