Many people have asked me why i dont like standard aspects of being social.

Sat, Apr 14, 2012 at 1:56 PM

So here is my rant on mainstream society.

Why I hate people

If you look at the hierarchy of the world, there have been a lot of big leaders. You may ask yourself “how did they become leaders?” Well some people believe that other people are born to be a leader. However, the truth is that the only thing you need as a leader is the art of crowd control. WE CAN’T RUN FROM IT!

Most people have the “standard brain” which means they will believe in everything if it’s said by someone who’s a tiny bit respected. This is where we become “the followers”. The follower is the type of person that needs social contact with each other. They simply can’t think for themselves, which means that “standard” people with “standard brains” all become slaves of society and never stops to look at their lives, Just like Zombies...

Most of them really believe themselves to be intelligent and hard working, but all that really is, is the boring life that goes on and on and on with barbecue parties with the family that they really don’t like. The dreaded “small-talk” at these family dinner parties are just random facts or events that are passed on from one person to another, with no real meaning and feeling behind them, they’re the insignificant facts of life that no one cares about, but everyone feels the need to share. Still, people who’ve perfected the art of passing on irrelevant facts and news and mastered the art of small talk have become social gods in the eyes of society.

Some things in the world has no answer and it would be much better if people gave an opinion that they have developed instead of just saying "what he said" to an answer on a random subject where they might not have an opinion on.

Personally I don’t like humanity or at least how it is now. We are like rats. There are simply to many of us, no matter where you go you meet a person, most of the them are the kind of person who’ll flash a fake smile and look like a fucking idiot. While I’ve tried to be social, I don’t understand the concept that “most people lie more to others than they tell the truth”, social chameleons is what they are. Then there is the ones that believe them self to be “special” and “funny”, there are a lot of them, but they’re still just fake, retarded idiots.

To me, it doesn’t matter if you have a great job and make tons of money or just plays smart all the time. You are all expendable to the world and every one’s going to die some day. You will not be remembered as anything but the freaking social fucks you were, just insignificant hard working retards. In fact I can’t stand confident people, it’s NOT a good trait. If you are a confident person, you will never become more then a poser, you will never learn from your mistakes and all in all, you will be a little dog that had a master that all ways called you a "good boy" and you believe in it. “What the fuck man”, that’s just completely fucking retarded.

I really don’t see the reason why we have schools. Homeschooling is much more efficient. for most young people, school either creates social bonds or social barriers, which means you’re either “in”... or you’re ”out”. It’s probably the most fucked up thing in the world, and you experience it at an age where you’re vulnerable to things from the outside world.

I’ve meet a few people I like, but it’s only the kind of people who’ve been kept out from the almighty social groups all their lives. Seems to do you good, then at least they don’t show a nasty mask that you can see right through anyway. People that put on a mask when they “go to town” are only people that think of themselves or slaves of society “aka. Zombie” ruined by society with no mind for themselves, having to grasp for a role to fill in this fucked up world.
Its okay if you only think about yourself, just DON’T deny it, makes you a nasty little creep. I know that many of you guys reading this might ask yourself "what about yourself? What makes you so special? What gives you the right to speak out?" The very true fact is as following: I’m NOT special and I’m JUST as insignificant as you, I just don’t deny it, I know it, and I live by it. I can be honest with myself and the people around me and I don’t have secrets from any of the people I care about. I will never deny that I think of myself before anyone else. If I was to make a hitchhiker’s guide to keep you from going insane, then there would be these 8 steps.

1 : Don’t put on a Mask – Be yourself, stand up and be honest. If people know everything about you they will not have anything on u.

2: There is a reason why a person is fucked up, but it’s always their own fault.

3: Care about yourself - Why care about others? Care about yourself. Do you want to die with no regrets? That is simply not possible but you can get close. Simply don’t care about people if they don’t deserve your respect.

4: Always have a clear mind - When u think about stuff with a clear mind, the right thing to do will pop op don’t use your feelings to resolve a problem, use your brain.

5: Take some time for yourself – Being alone isn’t really that bad, you’ll always keep your mind in the right spot. I’m not saying you should be alone all the time, but it’s simply a good thing to have some time away from other people, just sitting down with yourself and doing your thing, by yourself.

6: YOU CAN ALLWAYS BE BETTER - In other words whatever you do don’t tell other that you are the best because it’s a straight up lie. Always tell yourself that you can get better, and you will.

7: Be free – Just close your eyes, and tell yourself that you’re free from the influence of lesser beings

8. Music – Science have proven that listening to music with no content turns you into a retarded ghoul.

So now you know that I don’t care about you people... AT ALL
I will always feel that I’m in my place, and that I know where I stand.

Do you?


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  1. RE: Many people have asked me why i dont like standard aspects of being social.

    Thu, Apr 19, 2012 at 3:37 AM

    And you think you know it all? Keep telling yourself that....slave....

    And i still didnt say i knew everything. :)
    And im still not a kid.

  2. RE: Many people have asked me why i dont like standard aspects of being social.

    Thu, Apr 19, 2012 at 4:00 PM

    Felix Dzerzhinsky wrote:
    So this guy signed up to post this one thing? Something which was a perfect example of TL:DR.

    I skimmed and read the part about 'home schooling' being better and basically summed up the whole post as retarded.
    Working in education myself and dealing with public schooled and home schooled kids has shown me that the majority of home schooled children tend to have serious social issues and find it very difficult to interact competantly with others. How is this more beneficial?

    Although there is no point in answering since your whole entry is based entirely on your opinions and lacks any kind of credible evidence to support them.

    If i look at it from what ive seen, when you say thet they dont know how to interact, that is just a nother way of saying they haven made themselves a social mask. Because they havent had the need.

  3. RE: Many people have asked me why i dont like standard aspects of being social.

    Thu, Apr 19, 2012 at 4:17 PM

    misanthrope wrote:
    Twistedteddy wrote:
    If you like the hollow standards of being social, sure go ahead, i just simply cant stand it.

    Standards which you have invented in your own mind given your seeming inexperience at life in general. Straw man arguments don't become true because you think they are. You're like every psuedo-intellectual kid who has ever lived. You think you know it all when in fact you know fuck all.

    Anyways what you are really saying is, that i havent lived your life. I dont know how you feel about is because thats not my perspetive, on the other hand you have not lived my life. Im not the most intelligent person, thats for sure. But does that really matter here? Not like mathematics is going help anyone when it comes to opinions on life.

  4. RE: Many people have asked me why i dont like standard aspects of being social.

    Fri, Apr 20, 2012 at 2:35 AM

    Twistedteddy wrote:

    If i look at it from what ive seen, when you say thet they dont know how to interact, that is just a nother way of saying they haven made themselves a social mask. Because they havent had the need.

    Social interaction is important for most pack animals. Humans are pack animals.
    In the wild, a pack animal who cannot fully integrate into the pack tends to have a very hard life and dies earlier.

    Humans (in 1st world countries) have gotten to the point where survival is much easier and you don't run the risk of dying from being outside of the pack, so I will agree that we no longer have the 'need' in it's primal sense. You can still go to a supermarket with low social skills. But someone who cannot understand the workings of the group really do have a tough time in life. There are several jobs which require very little social interaction, but on the whole, most jobs in this world require you to work with other people. Lets face it, how many 'solitary' jobs pay well? Night Time Security Guard? Lighthouse Keeper?
    I have worked with people who couldn't fit into the social group and they were an absolute nightmare to work with.

    For example, when I was at university one of my classmates had ZERO social skills.
    He was a nice guy, but was completely exhausting to be around because you had to really endure his awkwardness. As a result he was generally alone.
    I am being literal when I say 'exhausting'. I would try my best to sit and talk with him because I didn't like seeing him alone all the time, but I could never manage more than 20 minutes because I would be physically tired out trying to deal with him.

    He hadn't learnt when to say things and when to keep these thoughts inside his head.
    In the middle of a class discussion he was asked a question (something like "What would you change about yourself?")
    His response was this;
    "I would turn myself into Emily (A girl in the class) and I would stare at myself in the mirror every day. Then at night I would feel my breasts and touch myself in my pants because I think it would be sexy."

    He innocently found it hilarious and thought we would too. Emily certainly did not.
    This simply is not the kind of thing you do at that particular time. But he hadn't learnt this in life (he was home schooled by his hippy mother who was on a constant LSD trip).
    There was no chance of him ever getting a girlfriend when he would say things like this. He did have a date with one girl and she said he was an idiot because on the first date he thought it was appropriate to tell her a story about 'poop'.

    Of course, a story about 'poop' may well be hilarious, but just not on a first date. You need to learn when and where to say such things. These are things you learn from social interaction and being part of 'the group'.

    Sure, you can learn these things and then chose not to be a part of it, but I feel very sorry for kids who are not given the chance to learn such things and then spend most of their lives trying to catch up.

    Judging from your posts I am under the impression that you have gained these social skills, so you can chose not to be a social person. That's fine.
    It's the poor bastards who haven't had the exposure and never got a choice whether or not they are social.

    Being anti-social doesn't make you superior to anyone. It doesn't mean that you have 'seen the light' and that everyone else are blind zombie sheep; it simply means that you have chosen a certain route in life.
    The fact is, your argument seems to be based on a world which doesn't exist. The world we live in is THIS world. Sure, it would be very nice if we could all be home schooled and not have to have social links. But this is not reality. We are in a world were networking and social interaction is becoming increasingly important. You can't just put your fingers in your ears and cry "I DON'T LIKE THIS WORLD AND WONT BE A PART OF IT" because you are.

    Also, home schooling doesn't work if your parents are dumb. Didn't you even consider this? My mother knows nothing of mathematics so how would she ever teach me such a thing? How could she teach me such a thing when she is working a full time job?
    Are you suggesting that parents should stop working to home school their kids and that the government should subsidize them?
    How can a single parent home school a child and still earn money to feed them and pay the rent?
    Again, all your ideas and arguments work in this alternate ideal world you have constructed in your head, but they do not work in the REAL world.

  5. RE: Many people have asked me why i dont like standard aspects of being social.

    Fri, Apr 20, 2012 at 6:43 AM

    Why are you socializing from behind a keyboard then?
    Dead Bodies Everywhere

  6. RE: Many people have asked me why i dont like standard aspects of being social.

    Fri, Apr 20, 2012 at 1:29 PM