Sat, Feb 18, 2012 at 8:05 AM

Fire in the lives, minds and hearts of mankind is the devil you seek. All of our minds united to destroy all life.
Fire in the lives, minds and hearts of mankind created electricity (power).
Electricity in the lives of mankind created media, showing and telling us lies every day.
Can you hear the flame inside you saying in your mind? "No man can live without fire. If you want life you need to walk a life with fire." The devil in our minds keeping us from the truth.
Many reject the truth, dismiss it due to it's primitive meaning. Many that accept the truth in the Word hold it in them with fear. The knowledge of the truth and guilt that can follow is too heavy for most to carry.
The faith that fire is the source of the evil that dwells within all of us is the basis for most major religions in the world today. The Bible is a teaching that is abundantly clear that fire is an evil path for mankind to follow. The tree of the dead with sweet fruit giving death to the wanting.
Mankind has put to death to any living thing it desires for progress, or what man perceives as progress. In fact it's seen by all of mankind that we are on a path to our own certian exstinction.
I am here to bring abrupt change to the thinking of mankind. If you have read this far let me assure you your spirit is already saved and will be returned to your place in the true life.
Eight men have been called only one can overcome my lack of doing of the Word. My spirit is willing but my flesh is weak.
Walk my mile
I'm only here end the constant suffering.

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