Knitting-Not just for old ladies

Sat, Mar 24, 2012 at 4:36 PM By: Tigeress

My niece now seems to be into knitting. She is around 8 years old.

I learnt how to knit when about 4 years ago but have been on and off with it. Last year I made a toy dinosaur which my nephew has liked and played with a few times when he came over.

I am the only person in the family who knows basic knitting. In a way I'm still at a beginner stage as I haven't really done much.

Yesterday my niece asked me if I could teach her knitting. I tried teaching her last year and she found it hard and I found it hard to teach. I thought that maybe I was rubbish at teaching.

She wanted to try again so I showed her showed her the basic knit stitch which is Garter stitch. She learnt quickly and understood this time and did a few rows by herself. I was surprised as I found it hard before. Maybe I wasn't rubbish at teaching after all.

She was asking about if I've ever made a scarf. I told her no but reminded her of the dinosaur I made. I then started telling her all the things some people do wth knitting, such as making knitted jewellery, knitted wire jewellery as well as scarves, clothes and toys.

She was like Really? I think she must have thought you only could make scarves. I then said how you can make anything with knitting. I explained how knitting is like making different types of textured fabrics and showed her my fabrics I use for making textile accessories, cushions, clothes, etc. Once you make the texture you want you can turn it into any product.

Next time she comes round and asks if she can knit again I will see if I can teach her the Stocking stitch which means I will have a go at teaching her a new stitch, the Purl stitch.

Look at me, only one in family who learnt knitting as no one else had an interest and now I have seemed to have converted my niece into it. Soon there will be two of us.

Knitting isn't just for old ladies. It's for the young ones too. I was the youngest person on my part time knitting course when I did it.

If this continues I'm going to have to knit more because imagine if she wanted to add colour to the knitting. I haven't even tried it before. I haven't even tried cabling either. Oh well, I have some books so I can learn. You Tube is always another option.

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