I'm starting to scare myself

Thu, Jul 7, 2011 at 8:51 PM By: Chon

Ok, so I was messing around with Clyde (my American Tabacco Sunburst 6-string Stratocaster guitar) and all of the sudden, I was playing a C# minor chord on the upper three strings and moving down to a C minor chord, and I was playing it to the rhytm of old time fairgruond music, then all of the sudden a pedo walking around in my head appeared and the lyrics "My mommy left me alone" popped into my head, I swear that one of these days I am gunna shit my pants out of pure terror from what pops into my head while being inspired by everybodies unsettling tales of abuse and combining that with my history and stuff, you tend to get inspired to write things about rape (dominence and abuse with pleasure for the abuser)

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