Getting through!!!

Fri, Jan 6, 2012 at 7:24 PM By: Fairynuff1979

Skimming stones on sea of broken truth.
Bringing darkness around to bear its fruit.
Cold heart and icy soul...
Gaping chasm no longer whole.

Pale, shrivelled hands of fate.
Holding back the tide of hate.
Hiding behind and leaving aside,
Appalling words. I cannot abide.

Lazy mind caught in this storm.
Trying to make sense but doing more harm.
Feeding the monster under the surface.
Leading the battle, giving chase.

Little blades cutting into special times.
Making decisionns that are not mine.
Lose the pretence of innocence from you.
Maybe now unaltered words will come through.

Break free the contraints and bonds.
Find freedom in the silence gone.
Unmovable heart beats too fast.
Like many things it may not last..

Do not leave my sight till morning come.
Hazey thoughts will come undone.
Stand firm and true and be not shifted.
Till dark and hate has all been lifted.

Peace, Love, Harmony and getting through...

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