Nothing left.

Sun, Jan 8, 2012 at 11:30 AM By: Fairynuff1979

Empty words on an empty shore.
Empty house not lived in anymore.
Empty shelves where possessions should go.
No one to bother about its so low.

Empty garage where a car should have been.
Empty offices there's no need to clean.
Empty street where nobody walks.
Empty cafes where nobody talks.

Empty beds where nobody lies.
Empty hearts so no one can cry.
Empty mouths where no words can say,
What the hell happened here today?

Everyone gone, not one living soul.
What is lifes point? What is the goal?
No one to worry. No one to care.
No one to carry a burden to bear.

The streets are so silent with no one around.
The cities so quiet, nothing makes a sound.
No birds on the wind. Nothing in the air.
Life has all stopped with not a care.

No one to call and no one to answer.
No violence or hurt. No disease or cancer.
The clock has stopped ticking with no one to hear it
The world it has ended and taken life with it.

Peace, love, harmony and the hope that man is not stupid enough to destroy the planet before its due time.

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