Finding your way.

Fri, Jan 20, 2012 at 5:15 PM By: Fairynuff1979

New things to bring to the table.
Feeling free and feeling able.
Not easy leaving it behind
Every reason to lose your mind.

Bringing back what was once lost.
Trying to find what you once forgot.
Leaving sorrow and regret at the door.
They have no place here anymore.

Finding the voice to be free of constraint.
Living life without bitter complaint.
Struggling on with the hand that life's dealt
Lifting free from the pain of this hell.

Stone cold marble where feeling should lie.
Nothing left but waiting to die.
All the love in the world you think will not heal.
All of the pain and the hurt that you feel.

Some pain goes and some it remains.
Living with you like growing pains.
Onward the walk of life carries on.
Until darkness and real pain is gone.

What is left is whats sits in your heart.
Not physical pain but the remnants so dark.
It will eat you from within if you let it.
Take the chance to escape if you get it.

Push aside silly thing in your life
Whats the point in them causing you strife.
Pass it over and move on with better things.
The next thing might be the best thing that life brings.

So keep your chin up, do not let it fall.
In the dark it is your name I'll call.
To guide you to light in the dark of your mind.
Darkness so deep you almost feel blind.

A voice in the darkness to keep bad at bay.
To let you know you're not alone today.
Let it surround you and fill you with love.
Stand out of the darkness into the light of above.

Peace, love, happiness and finding a way out of darkness.

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