you were my brother

Sun, Oct 2, 2011 at 11:23 AM By: kornonmymind

ive been in recovery from drugs for 2 years in december, in that time i made a good friend and wevve spent alot of time together staying clean and helping each other stay clean. i never knew you could have an intimate relationship with someone your not fucking. i learned that in recovery. my friend graduates from drugcourt about two weeks ago and now i know hes back out shooting dope. it makes me sick, scared, and feeling empty inside. i miss my brother soo much, and yet he told me to leave him the fuck alone. im afraid i wont ever get to see him again cause the way this guy uses he might be dead in a week. you just never know. so all i got to help my self is my complete korn collection and a shuffle button. the song ball tounge came on and i fuckin cried it all out screaming that shit at the top of my lungs. i got my pain out as much as i could. it might have been the reason i stayed clean that day. i want to thank you korn for writing something so long ago that i could relate to today. LoVe RyAn

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