Korn Hampton Beach Review June 16th 2011

Sat, Jun 16, 2012 at 11:52 PM By: Big Shark


Alright so let me make a few things clear before I start up this review. My ears are ringing, my feet are aching, I smell awful, I just got back home at 12:20 after a long ride, and I'm still wearing a now sweat-infused shirt. So, in other words, this review obviously won't be the best it could be, but at the same time I wanted to write it right after the show so everything was fresh in my mind !

However, I have an AWFUL memory! I apologize deeply if I get some of the songs in the wrong order, leave some out, or just do something terrible in general! You'll have to believe me when I say I'm not doing it on purpose, I'm just trying really hard to get write the night as accurate as possible !

Anyways, me and my father got at the venue at around 7:00, I wanted to make sure we got there before the lines for t-shirts were too long, and luckily we managed to get there before that happened (probably sixteen people were behind me when I was the second person in line )! And, BEHOLD, JDevil did have his own t-shirt! That was a without a doubt a must have, I might put a pic of it up in a later blog but I'm awful at taking and uploading pictures . So I bought that and a Korn tour shirt, placed it in a black bag, and we began the waiting game!

Before the show even began we talked with probably three people about Korn, JDevil, Path of Totality, and everything in-between ! It's true that the Children of the Korn are a family, you could step up to anybody and say "Korn" and a conversation would begin , everyone was really friendly!

After checking out the gear, walking around, finding a good spot next to the soundboard, and a few more conversations, we began the countdown to 8:00. The lights dimmed, cheers and wails sailed around the ballroom, and JDevil pranced up on stage with a big grin on his face! < Like that with a mix of >!
It was strange how there seemed to be mixed reactions, a lot of people were excited while others seemed confused and some just appeared interested !
Anyways, Mr. JDevil kicked things off with some heavy artillery, making the whole ballroom shake from the bass. I've heard it before on a previous JDevil video, but I'm not sure of the name of the song.
Next he played I'll Fuck It, a song he made with his band Killbot (which includes him, Sluggo, and, I think, Tyler Blue?), one of my favorite JDevil tunes! I was definitely having a blast to it, it was great!
After the initial shock of this crazy guy bouncing around on stage playing some HEAVY bass music people started to begin warming to it, you could see hands in the air as the stage lights swiveled and gave the room an entirely new feel to it . Say what you want about Jonathan Davis, there's no denying he's an entertainer! Through the transitions from song to song JDevil made sure to connect with the crowd, explaining the songs, their meaning, and how much he appreciated us for listening to his material!
Next up after the killer I'll Fuck It our Indulgent Jonathan decided to share his "first single" titled (could be wrong, there was a lot of bass shaking me around) 'A Spike In My Veins', a much more catchy tune with a bit less bass and more melody within it, like a mix between the soft Sanctuary and the pounding I'll Fuck It. I'd be lying if I said I understood the words through the entire song, but I could at least feel the emotion from them, I love it JD!
However, I have to say it pales in comparison to what came up next! A new song, he gave us a preview of a new song ! How cool! But that's not what made it special. The best part of it was there wasn't only one member of the Davis family involved on this track but two! Following his dads footprints, Zeppelin Davis helped his father on his latest track. I can't say the name of the song, since I'm not entirely sure of it. The fact that JD allowed his electro loving son have a part in his new act would warm any Korn fans heart !
JDevil also made sure to add his remix of Steve Aoki's - The Kids Will Have Their Say into his act, dedicating it to all the kids in the building and especially to the ones like himself ! JDevil finished up by giving a shot out to his pal Sluggo who would be coming up soon.

Between the two dubstep maniacs acts I talked with a few of the crowd members, discussing JDevil and his work. There was some mixed feelings, some felt uncomfortable, but all said they had a lot of respect for JD for what he was doing!

Sluggo made a swift strike, coming onto stage seconds after the lights dimmed and introducing himself, giving a rebound shout out to JDevil, and starting his set. I can't remember a lot of it, mainly because I'm unfamiliar with Sluggo and his work, but I can remember the floorboards vibrating from the sound he was composing!
There were some 'technical difficulties' during his set, but like any proffessional he managed to pick up the slack nearly instantaneously! Some might not have even noticed them, and I might even be wrong, they could have been just strange transitions, it was nearly seamless like a smooth criminal!
He was having a bit of a hard time getting everyone to warm up to him. Unlike JDevil who had the advantage of being part of the band he had little connections to Korn so he was completely new to most people. Despite this he pushed forward, earning my respect, and working hard which would later be rewarded!
There was a remix of a Deftone song from their latest album Diamond Eyes, and as soon as he mentioned the name Deftones there was an instant connection with the audience! Sadly it was a little hard to hear Chino over the massive bass, but once again his last song trumped all of his previous work.
Wrapping it up, Sluggo set in motion his remix of System of a Down's Chop Suey, which was wildly popular and really grabbed the attention of everybody. But that's not what made it so great, it was how he executed the song. Giving the lyrics enough room to be heard people were able to understand where the song was at, and were able to sing along. During the chorus, Sluggo would turn the music down to a murmur so that you could hear EVERYBODY singing in harmony, me along with them ! This happened a few times throughout the song and, to me, seemed perfect. Great job Sluggo!

Second interlude, most people had gotten comfortable in their 'spots' in the ballroom. Despite this, I needed some form of energy, and luckily for me my dad was heading off to grab a drink. In my mind there was this brilliant equation: tired before Korn = bad, caffeine = energy = good. I know, I'm a math magician.
The only bad thing was it would be breaking one of the most important rules of a concert attender at the Hampton Beach Casino. Once everyone is settled in, you don't move. It was like taking a gamble, getting to the stand and getting a drink and getting back to your spot (which hopefully hasn't been taken) before the next act has started.
Being an anxious person I was a bit worried after ten minutes my father hadn't returned and people started filling the gap. Meanwhile on stage you could hear the drums, bass, and guitar being prepared and the echo of "mic-check, mic-check". Let me ease your tension by saying he made it back with a coke and managed to fit into the tiny spot I managed to hold for him. Needless to say I CHUGGED that coke down, worried the band would come on stage while I was still drinking. I mean, I'd be jumping and hopping, which would in turn completely destroy the taste of the beverage.

Well, I made it, and my father took the black bag holding the t-shirts so I could leap around and wave my arms with everyone else (what a nice guy )! The lights dimmed, screams cracked through the murmur of conversations, and Sanctuary silently built and spread through the ballroom, growing more powerful as it did so. It was hard to see all the members get on stage with all the waving arms in the air, countless metal signs, some pointed fingers, middle fingers, and everything in-between.
Sanctuary faded away, replaced by the powerful intro of Divine, making a room of bodies turn into a raging sea of people, accompanied with the sound of screams of excited fans. If you listened very hard you could hear Jonathan's lyrics being echoed by the crowd. That's right, people knew the lyrics to Divine, and I was there jumping and singing along ! The energy that had been calmed by Sanctuary was now rushing out because of the power of Divine. Jonathan had everyone singing along with "fuck you. I'm fed up with you. I'm not as good as you fuck no I'm better than you.", keeping them in this trance and then crashing it with his roaring vocals, causing everyone to rage along with him!
Up next was Predictable, probably the rawest and most savage song of the evening. Although it didn't gain the reaction like some of the hits it definitely showed how heavy Korn could be ! A lot of people didn't know the lyrics to this one, but I can proudly say I sang along while waving my fists in the air!
Moving along we were entering the Life is Peachy zone, starting off with No Place to Hide. Being one of my favorites off Korn's second album I couldn't help but move along with it, singing along as always. Unlike the previous two songs this song had more of a funky sound to it, which would be destroyed by its dark and powerful chorus. There were two enthusiastic guys in front of me, freaking out over hearing this and yelling the lyrics, it was nice to see them so excited !
The short transition between songs Korn made sure to shove in Porno Creep, another rare hear which I loved! These guys going from such heavy music to this really funky and almost jazzy sound was great, and it painted its own picture without lyrics!
After Porno Creep was Good God, a song that once again got me moving (I had started losing feeling in my feet at this point ). The reason I was so excited was because in 2009 when Korn came to New Hampshire and I missed them they had played Good God, one of my favorite Korn songs. Sadly, in 2010, they didn't repeat this (although I got to hear Throw Me Away, another favorite, so it evened out )! Once again, Jonathan got the entire crowd singing along "why don't you get the fuck out of my face... now!".
Jonathan yelled "that was for all the old-skool Korn fans in the house!" and the band disappeared, leaving behind a dark and energized ballroom! People were still screaming Korn and having a blast!
Ray appeared back at his drum set, playing around in that awesome way he does before starting Narcissistic Cannibal. I was proud to see that the new material got the same reaction as the old songs, I was among true Korn fans ! Jonathan was really placing his energy in this song, proving how much he loved this new album. Everyone yelled "Narcisissitic Cannibal!" at their cue, it was a great!
Our favorite drummer Ray decided to kick things off again, playing that instantly recognizable drum intro to Chaos Lives in Everything. This was probably my least favorite song on the album when I first got it, but it's really grown on me. I mean, REALLY grown, I love it now! I sang along, having to push my sleeves up because my sweat was making them stick , gross right?
One of the best parts of this show was the different technology incorporated, and one of my favorites were these giant like... LED light... screen things, I really don't know what to call them ! But they were cool as hell, and added even more to the environment and feel of the show. None more so than during their performance of My Wall, which I might honestly consider the hardest song on The Path of Totality. On these LED wall screen thingys there was a rotating picture of a general human body, which would change color throughout the song, it was really cool!
Another favorite of mine came up to do its thing, none other than Kill Mercy Within! That guitar riff is just incredible! Red and white lights filled the ballroom, adding to the show even more. It goes to show how powerful the visual aspect of a show is, it really helps the music in its conquest of conjuring and creating emotions!
Continuing the Path of Totality we had the hit Get Up! make its stand! Out of the whole show this song had the biggest reaction, and I think it might just stay in the line-up after this album is over, it was that powerful. If you heard the crowds reaction from Got the Life and Get Up! a person might not even be able to tell the difference, they're flat-out crowd pleasers ! Especially that chorus, I was having a hard time hearing Jonathan over the crowd !
Rounding up the Path of Totality awesome-time of awesomeness was Way Too Far, probably my favorite song from the album (you must be growing sick of hearing me say how much I love each song ). But really, it gained a lesser reaction than Get Up! but held a different control over everyone. I guess I could say it was almost like therapy in a way? It's beautiful and everyone can relate to it, everyone has had that one time where they've taken something and blown it out of proportion, regretting it later.
At this point the band required an interlude, leaving the stage and the crowd as energized as before. I loved this crowd guys, there couldn't have been a better one. It wasn't like it was multiple people but just one person. If someone cheered, everyone cheered. If someone clapped, everyone was clapping. It was incredible, and I love everyone there for it !
Here to Stay lit the fuse, and the crowd became like fire. That low and strong guitar line instantly told everyone where they were at and what they were doing, which was going fucking crazy! Anyways, I made sure to jump around and scream and sing as much as I could for this one, giving it a little extra energy (I was rationing my energy at this point, hoping I could make it through the show) because I made a certain promise to a fellow Korn.com memeber and I kept it! And of course it was always nice hearing this group of people screaming "fucked up feelings again". And no one had rehearsed , that's just how us Children of the Korn do it!
Keeping up with the hits was Freak on a Leash, making a powerful connection between the two songs before kicking into that recognizable funky beat. Freak on a Leash is (in my opinion) undoubtedly Korn's biggest hit, even my dad was singing along with it ! My favorite part, as always, is Jonathan's scatting and the break down. I always liked how it seemed that they took this new hip-hop feel and then decided "let's throw in some old heavy and dark Korn in there", which is what they did.
Falling Away From Me was up next, competing for the biggest hit, and might have been in New Hampshire's case, because the reaction to those first six notes was immense. Everyone was going crazy and I was trying to keep up (man I'm unhealthy) but, for Korn's-sake, I decided to make use of that adrenal gland and push through the weariness to keep bouncing and singing I'm a freaking pro fan!
Falling Away From Me fell away as Korn started their next song, none other than Another Brick in the Wall. I remember watching Korn - Live at Montreaux and being a little let down that the crowd didn't know the lyrics. This wasn't the case at Hampton Beach that night, EVERYBODY knew every single word, and made sure to show it by singing along. It held a power over everyone, and that's probably why it's a classic song. It's one of those songs that holds a meaning that everyone can understand, which JD would explain later. It was most likely my fathers favorite song that night, he said they did Pink Floyd justice.
Now that I think about it Falling Away From Me might have been after Another Brick in the Wall, beca

  1. Big Shark avatar

    On Sun, Jun 17, 2012 at 5:33 PM, Big Shark said:

    I can't say I remember those last few songs but after a nights rest I am able to remember some facts that were escaping my grasp last night (or this morning, matters on how you want to look at it). The first song JDevil played was "Let's Fuck It", which I heard before. He also played a song which I could discern some of the lyrics as "I got my speakers all wrecked, my swag on check, (couldn't tell this part) ___ cause I don't know how to act". Also, the song he made with his son might be named "Look At You", the three words Zeppelin Davis added to the song :P!

    A few other things to mention, Ray had his own drum solo near the end (I think after the last or before the last interlude), Munky also did a great job on his solo in Another Brick in the Wall :)! We also got to see JD play an instrument that we don't usually associate with Korn, a tambourine xD it was pretty cool! ALSO, during the intro to Shoots and Ladders the entire crowd began stomping their feet, urging JD on :P! That's all I could remember for now!

    Thanks for the kind words guys, means a lot :D!

  2. KORNKIDNH avatar

    On Sun, Jun 17, 2012 at 2:50 PM, KORNKIDNH said:

    Big Shark,
    That is the best review I have ever read. This is because I was there with you as we have chatted about. It was to a T perfect. Loved it. Show was , yes, amazing. The meet and greet was the coolest thing. I will be writing a quick review tomorrow. I am working tonight. Plus i have some cool picks and a cool story from the meet and greet.

  3. Tammie avatar

    On Sun, Jun 17, 2012 at 9:40 AM, Tammie said:

    Very good review! Glad you enjoyed yourself!

  4. korndawg711 avatar

    On Sun, Jun 17, 2012 at 8:30 AM, korndawg711 said:

    oh my fucking god i was there and wasn't at that amazing show!?!?! i can't believe it was that awesome and i just heard some of it outside D: It sounded like they did some really cool impromptu stuff! I would've died to be in there but I couldn't get tickets. At least I got to meet the band! I'm glad Fieldy warmed up because outside he really didn't smile or talk to anyone. New songs from J Devil??? I heard him yelling to the crowd from outside but I didn't know it was new material!!! I am dying here after reading your review knowing that I was so close to being in there!!! I really hope Korn comes back to NH soon so I can get a chance to go! It seems they like that venue!

  5. Igo4KORN avatar

    On Sun, Jun 17, 2012 at 7:00 AM, Igo4KORN said:

    What a review!!! That's what Korn is all about..putting on awesome shows. You did a great job remembering. Sometimes you have such a great time you can get caught up in the music as well as seeing JD sing, Munky, Fieldy, and Ray play and put on a great concert. Also, the crowd around you (Korn Fans), the lights, the head banging, the jumping, all the singing you do and the sweating. Oh, that energy is great! Love it! That IS what Korn does. They kick ass...Glad to hear you had a great time.

  6. Wind Dancer avatar

    On Sun, Jun 17, 2012 at 4:03 AM, Wind Dancer said:

    WOW. what an excellent review! You had me smiling all along, building up the excitement just as if I had been there! :) I love koRn more today, than yesterday, because of your long ass review! :) You Rock!

  7. MontezCrow avatar

    On Sun, Jun 17, 2012 at 2:28 AM, MontezCrow said:

    Great review! Sounds like you had a blast which is Great!..oh and thanks for keeping your promise ;)! Here to Stay kicks ass live!

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