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Yeah You know how korn and limp bizkit talk about cannibals and stuff. Currently I got special forces duty on that. The SEAL rescue with MARSOC special reconnasence has me in positions like people entering my covert residence at night trying to break my neck probably making it all john the baptist. You know herod and that wicked woman were probably big cannibals. I woke up then outside I took his knife. Kobudo man I thought it was a dream. Then I noticed my neck s pressure threshold caused a violent cough. The coroner drove by on the freeway clandestine SIG INT reports work like a symphony especial when people are defended with special nuclear material.

I worked at the height Ashbury T-shirt shop with Jeff from spike 1000 in 1999. This blog has a project let's get SEAL team 6 back in touch with Jeff. As a one of the few select kung fu practitioners in wikipedias article on dim make, also raised in the Okinawan ryute kobudo was bestowed upon me when sensei Sid Campbell turned from master to grandmaster. The architect of the united states military self defense program, I have been referenced as the healing in the Ceiling. There were a lot of healing experiences Shinto faith healing, the flecks of dustbin the light appear in all kinds of places for everyone to enjoy in my case this happens when you don't normally see dust. Its the holy ghost kami a substance food appearing from air yeah that's cool we got photos.

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  1. Spike 1000 family...

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  2. Spike 1000 family...

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