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  1. another year flew so fast, why cant we make them last just a little bit longer... 2014, the year every thing is amazing, every where, for every one... :) hope you boys make it up to bc this year, 4 years and counting...

  2. what a year, and spring is here... time flies when your having fun... :) this year i am giving away 10 hematite orgones for my dads 10 year anniversary... let me know if you want one... :) hope that the boys have another great year... happy happy spring is here... have a great one... :

  3. end of summer... :)

    Mon, Sep 3, 2012 at 11:39 PM 1 Comments

    the summer seems to go so fast, just cant seem to make it last... back to school they go go go , just so they can grow grow grow... wish for all of you to know, for peace to flow... with love.. :) travel safe, hope to see you soon, under a fall full moon...

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