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When korns first album came out "Korn" came out,it was not a mainstream success but it did took a big part on the Nu-Metal Genre.It had the same beat in every song,fast drumming,slow drumming,constipated vocals,it was good."Korn" is probably one of there heaviest albums to date.Then Korn started trying to change there stuff,they got worse with age,not good with age.Since Head left the band they been terrible ever since.I even enjoyed there album "Follow The Leader".This is probably gonna be there best selled albums to date right now.it featured "Limp Bizkits" wannabe Rapper/Singer Fred Durst in the song "Childern Of The Korn".Jon and Fred do some rap battle during the song,and Fred beats Jon,(As usual) at the song.The song is smooth,has some comedy,crappy guitar riffts,terrible drum beats,a bass that will make you cream in your pants,lyrics that will make you crap yourself,and replace it with the bands career.And Jonathan and Fred have a fetish for eachothers bodies.I understand that the lyrics are bad because the whole band is uneducated,but Jon had to deal with bullies durning school,that's why he sings about his experiences getting man handled by someone,and getting the old "Wee Wee In The Butt."Then Korn adds the rapper Ice Cube,why not add Vanilla Ice and the Jackson 5?Korn only had three good albums in there day,because Head was in the band,and they don't have anyone giving them head by the dumpster for 55 cents,it's probably jons dad.Stay Korny everyone.

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    On Sat, Mar 16, 2013 at 3:13 AM, mlukec said:

    Crack. It's what's for dinner.

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    On Fri, Mar 15, 2013 at 4:02 PM, MontezCrow said:

    Actually KoRn got better with age. Issues, Untouchables, SYOTOS, and Untitled are probably KoRns best and most mature work to date. Life is Peachy and Follow the Leader are probably Korns most OVERRATED albums. I'm sorry but Life is peachy is 90% filler! Follow the leader has some good songs but certainly not their best. Self titled is a powerful album and is heavy but its definately not their most mature. And I dont think its funny to mock what Jon went through; not cool! And the song with Fred first was All in the family!

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    On Fri, Mar 15, 2013 at 2:00 PM, eva said:

    People are going to give me more crap for this, but I agree with a lot of what you said. Not EVERYTHING, but a lot is true. Every nu metal band after KoRn pretty much copied them. KoRn did get worse with age. Fred Durst is a wannabe.

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