Tue, Sep 11, 2012 at 10:27 AM By: skitsorizzo

its another day in the world. hmm its Sept.11. crazy stuff. um...10 years ago i was sitting in my science class with the new about planes being jacked. everyone was interested to watch it instead of do work. science teacher said "thats not too important, u can watch it later.." then within the next hour 9/11 happened. i didnt really understand what happened, but yea fucked up stuff. and my science teacher the next day was covered head to toe in flags. and the class was about being a patriot instead of science.so its crazy how the world works....but yea. in my own personal world, i am Pretty fucking excited for the 28th...reason: Going to the Desert Uprising!!! Rob Zombie and Manson...and JDevil is doing the VIP afterparty!! Hell yea.watching TOSH.O so my focus is half here. hahaha ...peachy

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