my koRn life story (work in progess)

Tue, Nov 8, 2011 at 5:12 PM By: sindee fink

I was 16, in a bad place my friend gave me a cassette (dont know if people know what cassettes are anymore) and told me to listen to it. Just one blank cassette, no writing or anything. Before i listened to it, i happened to take quite a few pills (stupidity i know) anyway i listened, i absorbed, i loved. I said to myself i have no idea who this band is, what theyre about but whoever is this singer, is saying all the things i wanna say. Then i knew it was koRn. I then went and got a koRn tattoo on my wrist so i thought twice about suicide attempts again. If ever i doubt myself, i look at my wrist. Its been a long romance with this band. Sunday marked my 74th time seeing them live. I remember the first time i met them, my father had to drive me to edison NJ. My father just wanted to see a smile on my face, cuz he knew id be meeting the band who i know, and he knows saved my life. Flash foward to age 21. I was living in Tacoma WA. I moved out there to help a friend. I was working at texaco at the time and was beaten in an armed robbery and left for dead. I didnt care how much money they took, i cared about the koRn ticket in my wallet (which was safe)...i then won a contest on the radio at 130AM to be jonathans roadie for a day. Hey i was just trying to get in the koRn cage lol but ill take it :) i went to the show. to my dismay i had to sign wavers that i wouldnt drink or smoke nothing. Of course at that point my dream was to just have a few coctails with the band-no biggie. That night when i went for my initial meet and greet, the only people who were allowed were myself and guest and this boy with cancer with his friend. i remember saying to myself, i can have this moment again-this boy might not. So i stood back and let him chill. The show of course was great except for almost dropping jonathans bagpipes no biggie :) After the show i decided to come back home to NY. I still feel the only reason i was meant to live there was for that contest. Since then koRn has always played either around or on my birthday, they did a free show outside my office when i worked in the city and still to this day have never let me down. I always felt like i had my own lil mental army backing me up. Either a show or album would come out just when i needed it. The other night i did the VIP gaming package without knowing how to plat video games. I picked this package because i wanted MY moment back. Which i got. Jonathan was nothing but sweet and gentle with me....I can give you the same story like everyone else, how koRn saved my life etc...but im running on two decades of complete koRn fabulosity...And i hope it to you all...if u read others but most of all love yourselves...namaste

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    Very amazing story!

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