How KoRn Changed My Life

Sat, Aug 13, 2011 at 3:52 AM By: __scud__

I am a KoRn fan for almost 2 years.. Their music just inspires me to do something that I shouldn't do.. They taught me how to think critically. High school really fucked me up.. All the bullies were around me, picking on me, they're making fun about me.. I just HATE them.!

But after high school, that is when KoRn created a big difference in my life. The lyrics in their song mystifies me, that made me think that their songs were created for me. Thoughtless, Alone I Break, Right Now and their other songs.

KoRn waked me up out of the miseries I had !

I'm in college now and no one messes with me.. Beacuse KoRn taught me how to fight! How to be free and not being picked on! I can stand on my own now! and only KoRn taught me how to look through things in a different way. I can say I'm not a normal type of person. I am UNIQUE and thanks to KoRn, my life changed completely!

Thanks KoRn!!


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