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  1. Hello guys! I do not write much because I'm very busy, but I wanted to say that despite all the negativity that I'm going through these days because of the problems of my stomach, and for all the disappointments I've had in recent years by people, I knew that the my stomach problems were reduced by 20% and I'm happy for that ..! They are two months without facebook and have no dependencies on...

  2. guys are too happy, I'm six years that i don't smoke anymore, and I'm deleted from facebook ! Never been better :)

  3. a small survey, are many of you, to have facebook?

  4. hey guys, you like Skrillex?

    Thu, Apr 18, 2013 at 4:06 PM 6 Comments

    hey guys, you like Skrillex? I am sincere, I tried to listen, but that kind of music, I do not conveys emotions or something that I like .. no nothing .. just seems like noise. To say The Path Of Totality, I liked it a lot as cd, for trials and sounds, but if I listen to dubstep on the one hand .. no thanks;)


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