Poetry - Paint

Fri, Jan 6, 2012 at 1:37 AM By: Aurora

Paint me a rainbow,
With you as your paintbrush,
Life as your canvas,
And the world as your inspiration.

Please paint me a rainbow!
With PASSION as your RED,
JOY as your YELLOW,
ENVY as your GREEN,

Paint me a rainbow,
One full of life,
One full of the impossible made possible.

Paint me a rainbow.
One that spreads across the sky,
That travels over land and sea.
A rainbow that supports the image of equality.
A rainbow that is for everyone,
For life, For society.

Paint me a rainbow,
That stretches far as the eye can see.
Paint me a rainbow,
On your skin, on mine.

Each colour a perfect fit.
Each colour as important as the last.
No colour left out...
Paint me a rainbow, then let it be.

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