*RIP* Daddy

Fri, Jan 6, 2012 at 1:51 AM By: Aurora

This is a poem I wrote about my Dad, who died on December 7th 2011.

A thought in the back of my mind.
The complete, unfractured, memories Ive yet to find.
Held back, and kept at bay.
I just camnot get over my disarray.
A knife stabbed in my back, & feeling that I will not survive
yet another attack.

Your selfish, self sufficent lies!
Slowly but surly my respect for you dies...
I could never say I stopped loving you!
These thoughts are indefinitally, and undoubtedly true.

The way you said my name...
I was tired of your stupid games!
You never stopped loving me...
Still at bay, I am on my knees.

Every word, every picture, you kept close!
But you left me with nothing (excpet your ghost.)

Ive nothing left but tears...
I am left to the dark, plagued by cruel fears.
I never said goodbye...
Then again, I didnt think youd die.

You wouldnt want me to be sad, you wouldnt want me to cry.
Then again, youd probably have wanted to say goodbye.
I love you, and I will never stop loving you.
This... is true.

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