ugh, i get so frustrated

Thu, Apr 5, 2012 at 4:27 AM By: *beth*ann*

being an adult sucks. its the pits. i have apparently been using my id card for a whole damn year thinking it was all good. turns out its been expired... and how do i find this out?? I GO TO CASH MY EXTREMELY IMPORTANT INCOME TAX CHECK. i have a shut off notice for my electric, i need to pay my rent, and now i have to wait forever to get my id renewed before i can do ANYTHING. i dont know what to do. turns out, i should have gotten a form to renew in the mail a year ago, and i never did... so they are the ones that screwed up, NOT ME... and i cant get my check cashed without it. i owe my bank a bunch of money, so i dont have a valid account with any bank... and i dont have a single dollar to my name. i am so frustrated. then to top it all off, after going from store to store, running around town for 5 hours to cash the damn thing, i got stranded way way out of town at walmart. UGH!!! i had to call my mom thirty miles away to come pick me up and drive me home... the whole 33 miles back home. SOMETIMES I JUST WANT TO SCREAM!!!!

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