"Narcissistic Cannibal" Interpreted

Thu, Oct 20, 2011 at 9:57 AM By: bloodrelic

The big question of this song is who is the Narcissistic Cannibal. Through the lyrics one can tell a few things about the Narcissistic Cannibal. First thing, Narcissistic Cannibal is metaphoric for a person that is narcissistic, meaning their lives, choices and thoughts revolve around their own thoughts, wants and needs. Cannibal means they feed off of humans (probably not in the literal sense, but in the sense that they need other peoples affection maybe). So what we have is a self centered asshole who strives off of things other from other people.
So who is this Narcissistic Cannibal? Judging from Korn's past lyrics and song themes, it could be one of three things. It could be Brian "Head" Welch, former Korn member who has been subject to many songs from the "Untitled" album, such as Ever Be and Love & Luxury. He was also subject in songs from their latest album Korn iii: Remember Who You Are, such as Oildale (Leave Me Alone).
Another Possibility could be JD's wife, who was subject to many songs in their past two albums aswell, such as "Bitch We Got A Problem", "Kiss", "Hushabye", and "Holding All These Lies".
However, the third possibility is that the Narcissistic Cannibal is in-fact us (their fans). This theory seems particularly strong when considering the reason for their last album. They tried to make it similar to their first two albums because their fans were wanting Korn to go back to their roots. Korn did as we said and came out with an excellent album, but it was their worst selling album to date, and thier only album which hasn't received neither a platinum or a gold.
So, in this case, the fans are feeding off of Korn's emotions, we expect their albums to be very emotional, we are asking for their albums to be a certain way, and then we are unimpressed by their results. We say, "That's not what we wanted". So we are being pretty selfish by asking Korn to be doing something a particular way, and then disregarding their efforts.
"Sometimes I hate the life I made, everything's wrong every-time." this quote shows how Korn isn't always glad to be a super famous band, because they feel they can't do anything right. We set the goals for Korn and they try to match those standards we have made. They are trying ridiculously hard to please their fans, and we continue to look the other way.
I'm incredibly proud of Korn's upcoming album, because they chose to do their own thing instead of listening to the general public. I think this is the right path for Korn, because this will make their music more soulful. It will continue being very experimental but I'm okay with that. They became famous for their music by doing something new and original. If anyone is capable of doing it again and again it's Korn.
Keep it up!

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    On Thu, Jun 6, 2013 at 4:51 PM, Adek said:

    true... There is also a 4-th thing: human brain. He is like a narcissistic cannibal. Think only about his own needs (clip: diamonds, gold). What about tanks? dunno

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