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  1. Well i wanted to say this

    Sun, Apr 22, 2012 at 8:40 PM 3 Comments

    I been a KORN fan for 15 yrs and will continue to be one. In the past the music was awesome but now its like the old saying everything gets better with age and the music is going that route exactly. Keep on rocking guys ill be there even after yall decide to retire which i know is a hell of a long ways away

  2. To everyone debating if they wanna buy the vip package or not i strongly recommend it. this day i got the listening session and at first i thought i may have wasted my money in the beginning but i was way wrong i got to meet the whole band and shake their hands and also got to take pictures with them then i got to go on stage while they were perfoming and got some awesome pictures and best of...


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