My attempt at a horror short story.

Sun, Sep 16, 2012 at 9:36 PM By: let1rock1liv1forever

As some of you know, i usually post poetry on here. But i wanted to write a short story today, so it might not be very good. But hey, at lest i tried.
Here it is

“Shut up and keep still! If you don’t I swear to god I’ll kill you!” said Rem as she tied her victim to a chair. She was getting rather frustrated with all the muffled screams he was making, if it wasn’t for the gag in his mouth she might have been caught by now.

“Just hold still, I’m not a murderer. You’ll see your family and crap again….. Well you won’t SEE them ever again, but you know what I mean.” She said with laughter in her voice. And with that she took out her knife and watched it glisten in the moonlight that was let into the house. It was a beautiful thing really, the knife. It had a pure silver blade with eyes carved along the side, the handle was plated with gold, the end was a vile filled with someone’s blood, though she couldn’t remember whose.

“You see this blade here…” Rem continued “It belonged to a witch once before, a very evil one. Not one of those good witches you see now a days, they piss me the hell off. No, this witch was one of the worst, a master at her skill though. Oh, she was a legend! But you see, one day the people in the town she lived with gagged her and tied her to a chair, very much like you. And they found this here blade and used it to cut out her eyes, very much like what’s gonna happen to you.” And as she said this she tapped the end of the blade right next to his eyes. “And after they cut out her eyes they did the same with her tongue so that she wouldn’t be able to call anything. But you see, I am nicer than them. I’m gonna let you keep your tongue.” She said as she walked across the room “They then tied her up and left her in a room so that she could die slowly. You see, I’d love to do that to you but I am not a murderer, nor do I want a filthy human being like yourself in my house.” She then slowly walked back to her victim, who by the way was crying with intense fear in his eyes. “Oh, no need to cry! You won’t be able to when I’m through anyways. Also, sight isn’t the most important thing in the world. In fact, blind people’s other senses are stronger than people who can see, so I am in fact doing you a favor.” And with that she carved out his eyes, watching him cry bloody tears now. Hearing his scream of pain, his sorrow for his loss of eyes, his faith escaping him wondering why this would ever happen. After she was through with both eyes she placed them neatly in a little box made of a very dark wood, and placed the box under his chair. She then said “You see? Now that wasn’t so bad. I even gave you a little box as a reminder of our time together. Sadly, you won’t hear of me again though. I have other people I must attend to.” And with that she picked up the cell phone she found in his pocket, dialed 911, and calmly said the police might want to help this guy out. And with that she walked out of her victim’s house, bloody blade in hand, smiling.

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