Dean Blog's - Milana May - I'm Alive (Dean Birchum Remix) Review

Thu, Aug 16, 2012 at 7:31 AM By: Dean Birchum

Dean Blog's - Milana May - I'm Alive (Dean Birchum Remix) Review By Dean Birchum

In August 2011 On twitter. After I'd was first introduce the world as first Native American Remixer in this planet? I had only 50 followers back than & sooner or later the 20 year old as they call her "Milana May". She was happy & interested don't know what going on when I first saw her around. I was like "Okay? Let see what the girl got since Ke$ha was no longer"

This Is Milana May. Young, talented, Fashion, & Musician.

In October 2011 Halloween
I was about throw a mashup with the alternative rockband called "Staind - Paper Wings" together with "Milana May" I'm Alive" to make the remix mashup concept.

Staind - Self-Titled (2011) - Paper Wings

Milana May - I'm Alive (EP) (2011)

This one i'd called "I'm Paper Wings Alive (I'm Alive + Paper Wings)". Days later three from her fans love it & Couldn't Believe it? It Sound like a dead corpus emerge from the grave of that mashup & yeah... that's what Halloween Mashup's is all about, is making a spine chilling Collaboration Mashup. I'd pitch it slow on Staind it was too fast & complicated to mashup the new yorker pop musician into Rock Vs Pop. it's one of the best Halloween session yet on All Remixed Up back in 2011.

Milana May Vs Staind - I'm Paper Wing Alive (Halloween Special Premiere On All Remixed Up 10/27/11

In 2012 Today
Milana May & I are like both New Allies is watch what happen next of the future & I started to remix another one again back in my remix studio to making a industrial club remix. So I'd plus with?

I'm Alive - Remix Project Sample Chart:

1. Linkin Park - New Divide (Samples)
2. Nine Inch Nails - In This Twilight (Multitracks & Samples)
3. Korn - Get Up (Autoerotique Remix) (Samples)
4. Milana May - I'm Alive (Full length & Samples)
5. Other Random Samples?

After i'd got all into together, the Intro/Verse/Chorus I took from New Divide, & The kick/snare beat from Both Get Up (Autoerotique Remix) & "Milana May - I'm Alive".
What could of a remixer can make a anything illegal.
it's just sound fine & I don't care about records label & copyright by any owner.
This here I'd move on with the same person she support me about a year later. can i do anything with the famous artist like this.. of course?

This remix I'd made last June 16 2012. It's sound pretty Aggressive, Club sounding, Accessible in one music to remix, a little Serious, Unrecognizable, Tone her voice like a rockstar without pitching it up, make it a original, Mastered, & it's great quality to turn it up.
So Enjoy the Milana May Remix! - Dean Birchum 4/16/12

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Milana May - I'm Alive (Dean Birchum Remix) (2012)

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