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  1. 50.000+ Profile Views!

    Sun, Jun 7, 2015 at 10:42 AM 0 Comments

    This is Message From Dean Birchum. (Spoiler Alert to All: "Dean Can Talk?") 50.000 Korn Profile Views (Video Audio Message By Dean Birchum) (Uploaded by 6/6/15)

  2. ?????

    Thu, Mar 27, 2014 at 6:34 AM 3 Comments

    Studio (March 26 2014) - Photo By Dean Birchum

  3. Never Never (DJ Dean Birchum Remix) & Other Never Never Remixes (Blog Posted By Dean Birchum) : Hello Remix Fans & Korn Fans This Is Dean Birchum & I'm Back On Never Never Remix Again. Last time i have 3.5 review & reaction last month on "Never Never (Club Mix)" & Now Thats Gone. That's Okay That's Unofficial Korn Remix I'm Just Warm Up Back Than. Some of a fans hated anyway?...

  4. Korn - Dirty (Industrial Mix) (Remix & Blogger By Dean Birchum) The tempo speed of the music is 90 compare to somebody someone (dean birchum remix) is 89 Tempo. so it's gonna run a little faster exactly like Nine Inch Nails - Closer (1994) That kind of remix speed range on 90.BPM. this remix is sound darker i'd ever created since Korn - Kill You (Remix Version) . also the greatest...

  5. Hello & Good Morning december korn fans! My Name is Dean Birchum, you've may famiar with my korn remix Freak On A Leash (Go Insane?) & so here i go. I have search Korn Remix on youtube & i find this "Korn Vs Taylor Swift" this video has been upload by isosine but he made FB Page for likes & support the page, thats cool i'd think. I'd laugh my a$$ off watching the mashup, i'd last...

  6. Korn // NIN - Coming Undeep - Korn Vs Nine Inch Nails (Dean Birchum Remix) Desciption: Creating the collaboration of Deep to Coming Undone Samples & Original Jonathan Davis Vocal together is accessible to remix mashup Korn Vs Nine Inch Nails Collaboration. This mashup is so unrecognizable & unofficially amazing remix for the NIN Spirals & Korn Fans. Enjoy? Korn // NIN -...

  7. Happy Birthday To Dean Birchum!

    Wed, Sep 19, 2012 at 7:40 AM 0 Comments

    Here Are Korn Fans To Celebrate The 23rd Anniversary for the Remix Creator was born September 19 1989. A DJ Electronica Industrial Remixer, Social Net, Online Gaming is me. Dean Charles Birchum Jr, Turning 23 Years old from my passion to stay alive as possible & celebrate this day until the weekend ends... I'll leave my remix creation in remix of fame of all time case y'all know who I...

  8. The Best Youtube Korn Remix Hit is now on & ready to free MP3 download! Share your friends or contact other Korn remix fans try to get hold of this recognizable korn remix. I'm given away my official remix Instrumental version also... Enjoy? - Dean 9-8-2012 Soundcloud content: Freak On A Leash (Go Insane?) (Dean Birchum Remix) & Free MP3...

  9. Happy Labor Day!

    Mon, Sep 3, 2012 at 8:22 AM 1 Comments

    Happy Labor Day Korn Fans!! For are firefighter & Police officer American hero & another great day off weekend on monday 3rd? Have a nice day!

  10. Dean Blog's - Korn - Kill You (Dean Birchum Remix) Review By Dean Birchum Last year ago were the korn kill you remix project was born & this is the first remix ever. When i first listen Korn Life Is Peachy (1996) in 2000 when i was eleven. That song kickass I was borrow the cd. (Oh yeah? Borrowing from your friend or cousin in 2000 never gets old? Better than mp3 player, is record...


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