i will protect you!

Mon, Apr 8, 2013 at 5:32 PM By: Figure09

damn, ever since i posted my last blog, i realized just how much music really does speak to me,

for example, i was listnin to "i will protect you" by korn and at the end it was like jon was talkin to me sayin "i will protect you..." and then i heard the second voice in the background sayin "i will protect you..." and i imagined that was me sayin it... i get chills listnin to that song, just thinkin about korn's music protectin me and how i will protect them when my family talks shit about them.

i even get a mental picture listnin to that song. i imagine jon behind some glass saying that and im on the other side sayin that too.

the same goes for the nine inch nails song "we're in this together." it's like trent is talkin to me sayin "none of them can stop us now, we will make it through somehow," i imagine him standing right beside me grabbing my hand and saying that. when i say "grabbing my hand" i mean it more like a father-daughter way instead of a boyfriend-girlfriend way.

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