What I just learned

Thu, Aug 8, 2013 at 9:18 PM By: Figure09

I just learned something from Korn's new single, 'Never Never.' I learned that they can't satisfy anyone. Are you guys fucking kidding me? You guys have been bitching about Korn being dead because Head wasn't in the band. I'm pretty sure this has been going on a long while, the same with David.

Now i'm fast forwarding a few years, to The Path of Totality. After it dropped, people were saying 'Korn gone dubstep!' and it got lots of negative remarks from the fans. Fast forward a bit more and, POOF Head is back. "Now all we need is David!" "The band still isn't Korn if David's not back" etc.

Now we're here, with the new single on its way and I see comments on Soundcloud like; "RIP Korn!" "Korn gone pop!" etc.

I swear you guys need something to bitch about. It's a bit annoying to see comments like those around because they're (Korn) actually trying to make all of you happy. It's obvious. But that's okay, they (Korn) will realize JUST who their REAL fans are.

I'm done ranting.

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    On Fri, Aug 9, 2013 at 2:18 AM, Liuba said:

    Well.. in some ways I could agree with you .. but have to say.. Fans around the world.. (me included) want those sounds, that back in years make them fell in love with Korn, nothing else.. What's wrong with this?? There were great expectations about new single..

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