The paradigm shift review

Wed, Dec 4, 2013 at 8:57 PM By: DerdriueBurden

So I've done the path of totality now I'm going to do the paradigm shift. Here is my review you are welcomed to state your opinion in the comments.
1/5- disappointing
3/5- it was okay
5/5- perfect

Prey for me- I was very impressed with this song. It turned out to be my favorite on the album. In my opinion it was the heaviest on the album. Sounded a lot like the old KoRn. 5/5

Love and Meth- This song had great lyrics and amazing guitar riffs. This song also sounded like old KoRn. 5/5

What we do- I loved the way Jonathan sang the lyrics on this song. 5/5

Spike in my veins- I felt like they could have done better on this song especially on the melody. 4/5

Mass Hysteria- I really like this song. I love the down beat every time Jonathan says "mass hysteria". 5/5

Paranoid and aroused- This song has an interesting title, I'm not gonna lie I did question it at first. However once I read the interview of Jonathan in Metal Hammer and watched the documentary Reconciliation I understood it correctly. Overall it was a pretty good song. 5/5

Never never- This was the most electronical out of the whole album. I thought they did a very good job with their first single with head in eight years. 5/5

Punishment time- This song I can relate to so it brought back memories. I'm curious if Jonathan wrote the lyrics himself or had head help him. I'm saying this because head went through a dark place through the second half of his book in save me from myself. It was a nice slow melodic song. 5/5

Lullaby for a sadist- I really liked this song and I'm glad they waited instead of putting it on remember who you are. If you do not already know Ray said that they wrote this song in 2010. 5/5

Victimized- I enjoyed the melodies and lyrics of this song. They did a good job balancing it out. 5/5

It's all wrong- I felt like they could have done better on this song. 3/5

Wish I wasn't born today- I thought they did an amazing job on the lyrics and drums on this song. 5/5

Tell me what you want- This song was just pure awesomeness. It was like listening to a parody of Y'all want a single, and what KoRn fan doesn't like that song. I loved it and by reading some comments and blogs I can tell a lot of you guys also liked it.

Overall it was a really good come back album with Head back. I'm glad he's back lets just hope David does not want to come back because Ray Luzier is an amazing drummer and brought new life in the band.

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    On Thu, Dec 5, 2013 at 4:11 PM, KornLoveForEver said:

    Good review

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    On Wed, Dec 4, 2013 at 9:04 PM, Phukhuetu said:

    great review

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