a new life

Tue, Dec 13, 2011 at 6:24 AM By: fagidk

Current mood:awake
another page in my book, another lesson learned.
no more tears to cry, no pain for yerns.
will to look forward to a new, better life.
content with the outcome of the one behind.
no more pity no more sorrow.
once again there is a smile on my face.
im learning again how to be me alone.
how to look in a mirror and love who i see.
my world was once torn away for petty reasons.
no one can do this to me again.
i cried so much for a man who never loved me.
tears that were waisted like the years with him.
i can never look back i must move on.
at this moment i could not be any happier.
i have found peace and i have graved hope.
this bliss will empower me for ever.
this is my new life.

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