innocent story version

Mon, Jul 4, 2011 at 11:55 PM By: gia

Faded and quivering shadow of a human body, hanging on a hook, drops down on a floor in vague light of a single candle. It quivers and swings back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, hypnotizing with its slow movement. From time to time, a blood drop, dripping out of a body, storming and spattering around on the ground, can be heard...soothing and warm redness seduces, calls and hypnotizes, not allowing to turn around the sight, and whispers 'more, more…'. An object hangs on the hook, according to one ancient rule that says 'what you do to others it gets back to you'. The hook sticks deep inside, sticks deep deep down in palate, tearing apart its delicate layers, blood fills the mouth, suffocates, takes each breath away...blood, the liquid of life flows down the face, flows into the throat...asking for more. A knife slowly goes deeper and deeper into the skin Ohhhh, this sound of body layers splitting out, of muscles receding …a chump of a skin peels out slowly like a picture with a beautiful tattoo, like it’s waiting just to frame it and hang up on the wall. Unbearable pain? Lack of breath? There is no way to fly away, to escape into an unconsciousness state of mind, a silent guardian of justice brings back memories, awareness and unwanted memory. Pain, isn't it a pure pleasure? Spreads around throughout the body limbs, pervades...goose bums covers the body...everyone gives up to pleasure in pain, who could be able to fight it, who could be able to resist? There is no way out...never. The knife slowly, delicately and smoothly drills into the arm, carefully trying to avoid messing up this masterpiece, that covers it thoroughly. Slowly, slowly with a silent clap, falls out another chump of skin. Blood spills out slowly, slowly, and with small streams, flows down the body forming little patterns and paths. Liquid nitrogen, an ideal of coldness, sprinkles over the body preventing from it too fast blood lost...who would like to end up fun, before it starts for real? The shadow still swings slowly, quivering in the light of dying candle... Soothing redness spreads around its characteristic scent, hitting and teasing your nostrils, fans and feeds the fire of desire for giving the pain, so to find out and draw out some sick and painful pleasure in this shady, infamous process. A spike, submerged in a black ink, is suddenly being inserted into the chest, again and again, like there is no end, like it’s supposed to last forever, and out of the sudden, something begins to shape, uncovering a secret of this artistic vision of not so artistic words - skunk, rotter, wretch, eternal souvenir in the most visible place, irremovable mark of the crime, dark proof of the accusation, that hangs, with its eternal burden, above the poisoned soul, perfect medicine for forgetfulness, so peace and blessing never be there for a bastard, never falls upon them, never calms them down, never becomes their participation. Mutual arousal, coming from a firm touch of a hand in glove armed with spikes, a hand, squeezing a scrotum with genitals, takes your breath away…This pleasure in can never know, what is stronger, so human but humiliating arousal caused by touching the genitals or pain and fear, some real fright of losing it by one, sharp cut, way too fast for being noticed. Blood from genitals flows down the thighs, justice has been satisfied, an ideal gender equality has been born, equality in blood flowing down and staining the floor under the feet. Another chump of skin peels unnoticeably out of the thigh. The pain is perfect, hides in every vein, in every cell of the torment body, hook goes deeper, the liquid nitrogen spurts from the showers, along with wounds disinfectant based on last we are not that cruel, we cant allow some infection to come over. The hook slowly falls out of the mouth tearing apart the remains of the palate, hurting the tongue on its way...body losing its last base, slides away with silent clap straight in to the puddle of blood. The candle light fades away, the game of shadows on the floor, walls and ceiling ends up for good, murk fills the room with darkness, blood mixes with tears in a perfect mash-up...its the end of the magic...

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