Letters from hell

Sun, Jul 21, 2013 at 2:37 PM By: gia

The Book OF Lucifer
The Angel OF Light

Letter 33 – The Lightning

Once the greatest in the skies, shinning bright upon the stars
holding keys to heavens doors, set above the Angels’ hordes
Highest being among all, put in this world by the Lord
The Lord of the Morning, The Angel of the Light
for my glowing skin and shinning sword, I’ve been called
until the that day when imperfect man has been put above all.
The highest, the greatest, the most beautiful,
having the Angels’ armies waiting for my call
how could I be now the servant of all?
The skies breaks down, the darkness comes around, the thunder hits the ground
The brightest lighting, you could ever see travels in a cosmic speed
from the highest of the skies to the deepest of the grounds, it falls.
For the cruel sentence is sealed, for our fate is doomed
my loyal Angles followed me to Hell of the pits of doom
where we stay till today in the endless, never-ending gloom.
Can you see the pain of the Sons of the Light,
destined to be the Creatures of the Night,
cursed with their eternal life for they can never die?

Lucifer, Pits Of Doom, Year 33 After The Fall

Letter 111 – Lilith

So amazing, so wise, so beautiful,
so strong,so unique, so unlike them all
Lilith, the first woman.

For she was that one
Not that weak, silent Eve, ready to give up
One who doomed the mankind’s fate for her weak mind.
Her breath, her voice, her smell I feel inside,
she was the one who found me in the dark,
for she would never fall to my ways if I tried
the only one, my precious, I could really love.
And she has been taken away from me each time.
But it never meant to be, it cannot stayed hide
she is suffering now the punishment like I
for eternal darkness, for feed on blood,
doomed to live forever but on the Earth,
Neither heaven nor Hell are ever for her.

Lucifer, Pits Of Doom, Year 666 After The Fall

Letter 333 – The Second Rebel of The Angels
My Brothers from the Skies, The Guardians on the Earth,
perfect creatures with their shining wings walking down among those
who have to breath and sleep and eat, the human race, so weak.
And one day my brothers sent on the Earth
have seen the hidden beauty in the daughters of the Eve,
and their seductive voice made them follow their dreams.
And the Sons of the Skies slept with the Daughters of the Earth
and they doomed themselves, they sealed their fate,
for there come Nephilims as the outcome of this mate.
My dearest brothers I couldn’t save
before they’ve been locked in the deepest cave
for thousands of years, this is their jail.
But they left their children, that have hidden from the purge,
survived and now walk down this Earth even till these days
they greatest ones among the men, Nephilims they call themselves
Their wings, they are their greatest pride, and blood that is blue
They always are the best of men, in everything they do
hiding in the shadows, they rule this world, Illuminati’s clan.

Lucifer, Pits Of Doom, Year 3333 After The Fall

Letter 666 – New Name

How worthless they are, how pathetic and lame
this imperfect creation of the Lord,
poor and weak mortals, the human race.
for they think they have power to drive themselves away
from my voice in their heads saying truths about them,
ones they don’t like, of which they are afraid.
Giving me this new name, Satan they proclaim
to mock me and scare their children away.
In this fire of words full of hate,
I have been born again in Hell
With my new name, The Name Of The Beast
I will stand and I will here to stay
The name I proudly took
The name that holds the truth
meaning the Light from the Sky
that fell down on the Earth.

Lucifer, Pits Of Doom, Year 4444 After The Fall
Letter 999 – The Darkness

The Son of Dawn, The Knight of the Light,
wearing the armor made of the stars,
holding the sword made of fire and gold,
Now doomed for Hell’s eternal darkness and gloom,
Where no beam of light can ever pass.
Destined to remember every single day
of the glory in Heaven, for which I’ve been made.
The worst spell The Lord could ever cast.
But I never deserved my fate
for to lead and rule I have been made
and then abased as a servant of a man,
this weak, poor being that would not survive
if wasn’t led by Angels holding their hand,
The one and perfect, how could I agree for that?

Lucifer, Pits Of Doom, Year 7712 After The Fall

Letter 1111 – The Truth and The End
And the forces of the light and the ones of the dark
have battled in their eternal fight
And the Apocalypse has come upon the land
nothing and nobody have stayed alive
And only these few old pages have survived
sealed in the bottomless pits of doom inside
And they have been written by The Angel Of The Light
that has become The Heart Of The Dark
For he has shown to the mindless human sheep
the true meaning of their free will
For he has shown them many different ways
but decisions were just theirs
For he has shown them their real nature of man
and they bend to it right away
blaming him for tempting them
but decisions were just theirs
and the weakness was just theirs
that's the greatest source of hate…

Letter 1111 has been written by Lilith after the Apocalypse, when she found the remaining’s of letters in the deepest cave on the Earth as the only ‘living’ survivor of the Last Battle. She kept the letters in her total oblivion for Lucifer always has been her greatest love……
Lilith, Pits of Doom, year 18181 After The Fall……

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    On Tue, Jul 23, 2013 at 12:55 PM, gia said:

    I did write it all :) and now its not rude, I feel flattered, thank you

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    On Mon, Jul 22, 2013 at 2:35 PM, jayjay said:

    Did you write that, Or copy it from some were in a book(hope that's not rude), Cos its amazing.=)

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