my poem

Mon, Aug 19, 2013 at 5:33 PM By: SAFLove

this one is from the deepness ive found in life. this is not the view of love ionce had, i use to feel like love is a weakness and i never fel i could get close to a woman with love, but she could be with me, but i had a closed heart that did not watnt to feel any resentment..: whats yourthougths?this is the title before the colon
let the emotions seep from your eyes: i emabrace a moment with you as i am in front of you i look at what you want to show me from your sorrow, i can feel your energy and see your expressioin as i look at you, i look in your eyes and my emotions rise in the view of yours, i let my affection out for you, i take my hand and put it towards you feeling your fore head as i curve my hand down feeling your emotions guide my intentions in comforting you i let it slide down your face feeling the embrace of how it feels to you, in this momemt i feel your sorrow find its settling in my comforting. i look in your eyes and i let you see you can let all your pain in me. i let your sorrow settle in my soul, in my soul my soul, in my souls eyes in my souls eyes. in my souls eyes, in my souls eyes. ey ey eyeeees~. -eyes are the window to the soul ~this has been an emotional trip from Sun and flowers a dark cry poem ~this is a cry from from the darkness in the world

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