Wed, Aug 28, 2013 at 1:43 AM By: SAFLove

so i was listening to bbc radio a news radio and they were talkin about taxes. and i started dwelling on what this money is actually doing and who is in charge of this money, who is getting rich off of peoples money year after year, when we pay taxes e verytime we shop, and it piles into large amounts of money everyday, think about it i$1million souls give $1 than the government of our local city has $1million dollars, and for what for hteri own free salary? are they taking that money right into their pockets. or the left over after they finsihed a project for the city, like a new park or landscaping or new building? and who's to say that they cant use the money for their own wealth, and the top government the white house is in on the local governments money right? do they really have anything to do with what they use the money on, since its collected locally? probably not, the rich are getting so rich on tax, and making what amount of projects doen to cities, how many parks are they gonna build or fund projects, have a local funded tea party from what they collected, funded every year, and than they despise a poor man on the street needing MONEY, not everyone but to those that are rich fromthis and do that, so I would like that they would stop taxing us if they really dont need it, what is their job, anyways, are they the builders, are they the shop workers, what do they do everyday for work, they just look over the city is what i think and just collect money and dont work and just play Internet money watching strategies and share their infor to each other, so they arent really workin much, they look out for the police funding and all that too, that sounds like the easiest job, you just sit and handle money while you recielve money and who's the top person? what is his say on the money thas left when something is done, well with as much money as they make everyday, im not sruprised if they use it on plenty of vacation and make up for it because they receiv so much, which could be used to help out families, apparently they get so much if you can get $1million people to give $1 you surely can say the sate is having a lottery. lottery tickets cost primarily $1 than you got the smaller lottos, they think thats a good way to show some sort of consideration of money to the society by making one person rich with tons of money that can be dispersed to several or more families to help with bills. a lottery is not good enough of consideration rack up so much money and hold it for someone to win .look at all that money wehre did it come from? and its locked up in a cage until a winning number says you win, and your rich like them but they are rich every day since we spend primarily everyday..,they should have great funds besides food cards to have people able to receive free money to help this already of a corruption that is an eruption of money greed and money wealth that is keeping these money watchers rich and than dispersing it out to one individual by as chance of luck cause they are rich when they need to help the city is what needs to be done, you' ask everyone for a $1 and you may just get enough if they let us know of the projects that need to be done and we can see the money goal . than we should give towards that , and be tax free for shouldnt be an on going taxation everyday, thats insane, thast why lotteries exist right? food cards rule, but they have enuff to pay my light bill too..

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